Coming soon!(tm)

Very unfinished, etc

An anthro Tiger Shark

Big, strong, predatory as hell and looking good in a bikini.

Further details under development.

Under consideration: Possibly herm. Undecided as yet.

Cold blooded
Room temperature internally unless recently fed.
Gills are functional, refined to allow breathing of air. (lolmagic)
She has a cloacal vent concealing vaginal opening and anus. Be wary, those who delve.

She moves constantly, mouth slightly parted, allowing a faint current of air to stream through her gills. Despite the alterations that allow her to walk, talk and wear clothing, she is still reliant on epoch old instincts.

Her skin closely resembles sandpaper, like all sharks, and while will gleefully give a tit-wank, well... Sandpaper gentlemen. Try it sometime.

She carries throwing stars. Four pointed, serrated edged, her own teeth cemented together to form the throwing weapons.

Don't ask her about Atlantis. It wasn't her fault, the hearing cleared her of all responsibility.

Making up crap as I go.

Has a severe hatred of Dolphins and most whalekind. IC reasons, still being hammered out.

Debating hair.
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As Pred

Being PredBeing Prey Always/Love
Never/Dislike Pure pred.