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The Dragon, the myth, the legend.
Aurum is a mighty paladin with a trick up his sleeve, his dragonic heritage granted him arcane magics in addition to his divine powers, making him a unpredicable foe on the battlefield. He has slain dragons, giants, liches, and all manner of dangerous monsters.
Aurum was born to two his two dragonborn parents, Sahav and Chryso Infurnus, while on the road. His mother Sahav was a sorceror of great renown, blessed by the god bahamut with both elemental and holy magics, while his father Chryso was a divine champion of Bahamut. His Parents took him along on thier travels, hiring protection for him whenever they had to delve deep into the heart of a dungeon with thier companions. Aurum wasn't one to just accept protections, though his parents offered him a life of luxary, learning the sword and holy path of his father. Around his 13th birthday, Aurum started feeling a power he had not known before, which is mother correctly guess was a gift from her, Aurum dragonic blood contained the magic his mother's did, although only the elemental magics, but especially fire. Aurum now wanders the land, doing quests to help the innocent and smite evil. he's been doing it for quite awhile, and is quite renown, even besting the mighty Undermountain. (He's pretty much max level)
Dungeons and Dragons stuff
Aurum is a 12 oath of Devotion paladin and 8 (gold) Draconic bloodline Sorceror. He weilds a magic greatsword and is fitted with platemail, adorned with the holy symbol of Bahamut. Notable spells/abilities:
Green flame blade: extra fire on attack, plus it spreads the love to nearby target.
Divine smite: you have been judged! extra radiant damage on his attack, good enough to have a small amount of it passively.
Haste: vroom vroom heretics! makes aurum, or a teammate move at double speed, get an addition action, and a small bonus to AC, beware the turn after it's effects run out.
Channel Divinity: Sacred weapon, Weapon glows blue, becomes magic, and gains Cha mod (+5) to hit, which is dangerous with....
Great weapon master: what if I swing REALLY hard? -5 to hit for +10 damage. other features includes bonus attack on kill or crit
Fireball: Mom's favorite! a large explosion of fire to consume his enemies.
Metamagics: twin spell, for when you want to cast haste on you and your friend.
quicken spell: makes a spell take a bonus action to cast. green flame blade counts, i can smite on green flame blade, people die, i laugh.


Str: 20
Dex: 8
Con: 16
Int: 8
Wis: 10
WIP if this becomes relevant will finish spells and such
vore stuff
Aurum is usually not one to kill willy nilly, but after long years of adventuring and unlocking his draconic potential, he has picked up a few trait from his draconic kin that are maybe less than knightly. He'll consume a foe he thinks he can redeem
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