This is the World Market of Delta_Prysm and the official enhancement profile for players to spend
currency gained in battles



Company Market:

The many legitimate business of Delta Prysm which offer items and services at the cost of prize money in battles.

While these services have high prices, their quality and reliability are guaranteed as well as their service reputation
for highly-positive customer feedback. Listed here are the highest-ranked of the business owners in Delta Prysm's world Market.



Business Owner: Jiro Hikaru
Character Type: (Normal/Nymph)

After having inherited over three billion credits from the collapse of the Tohma estates, Jiro Hikaru took to investing
his money in foreign trade and involved himself in off-world travel as frequently as possible in order to spread his

As he had already had a strong interest in both designing clothing and forging weapons, it was only natural that he took
this chance to buy and sell competitors, but to also learn from them and his competition in order to give him the greatest possible
edge in the trade industry.

His products are considered second-to-none and the term "Get Jiro'd" has become a popular enough to adventurers to be as
household-worthy as "Google It" in terms of implying that an unaccessorized person shopping for clothes or getting 'armored up'.


Jiro himself is entirely human and has had clear 'body modifications' to him to maintain both his youthful looks and certain
anatomical aspects. He's never made claim to where he's gotten his body jobs done, but most assume that he's gotten it
done at Purna's despite his vocal protests against her peculiar practice.

His age is estimated to be about forty or fifty despite his 20-something-ish looks and his sexual preferences seem to be all over
the board, having dated men, women and creatures of many types on various occasions.

His skills and abilities are not entirely clear, but he appears to be savvy enough to always have effective enough armaments
and other enhanced clothing being worn at any given time to ensure he's never truly overwhelmed in the event he's caught off guard.

Those who bothered trying to assassinate him always seem to be hired from rival companies seeking to eliminate him as competition,
though this has stopped as after the eight time, he personally saw to returning the favor to the company who hired the
last hit and actually succeeded in buying out and dismantling the company after personally devouring the owner as a message
to all future would-be attackers.

Other than this, Jiro often comes of as kind, compassionate and very impressionable with his charitable personality. He
is known for strategically spreading out his shops in places just enough so competition can grow, but especially for those that
understand good business for their communities, which is especially good for keeping predation and taxes down.

Of note, he seems to occasionally go out of his way to ensure Jeicca's business grows as a strong contender for rivaling his
own business in order to let in a much-needed diversity into the trade circles.


Jiro specializes in selling clothing, accessories, armor and weapons of various sorts at both fair and balanced prices.

As with all sales objects in Delpry Goods, the items he offers vary accordingly in effectiveness and compatibility with
different creatures and/or class types and often have restrictions for balance purposes.

Weapons (Currently unavailable)
Clothing (Currently unavailable)
Headwear (Currently unavailable)
Armor (Currently unavailable)
Accessories (Currently unavailable)


Business Owner: Shannon Milliam
Character Type: (Warrior)

Despite being victim of over a hundred decades worth of tragedy and horror, "Shannon" (as 'it' prefers to be called now.) managed
to put those years worth of experience to the table after being freed and made a name for "herself" in record time with knowledge
of over five-hundred-thousand years worth of combat knowledge and wisdom at her command.

Here, she managed to utilize her strengths to form a dojo in Delta Prysm, but moved it much farther south after the events
involving the destruction of Metro Brinks by the very country she had originally started in.

Her move was a strategic one as it had made clear that her entire way of life had a very important set of standards and that
certain ideologies within Destral's government displayed a massive weakness of social and democratic integrity which
simply couldn't measure up to the fairness and equality expected of people who should have been seen as sensible or rational.

The Nexus Dojo received much praise and her popularity spread like wildfire, exciting challengers to test their skills against
her and interesting many students looking to learn.


Shannon was in fact originally (far back/historically) an elderly male monk in ancient china whom had his monastery destroyed
and pupils slain by a youth who sought revenge for the murder of a friend.

The youth was misguided, setting his wrath on the wrong target and consuming the souls of all those who he had fallen
in his rampage. When the Elderly monk discovered the temple in ruins, he sought out to stop the youth, but found himself
ambushed and murdered, having his own soul consumed and left drifting within the youth with all the others whom were slain
as his rampage on the world continued.

After several years, the growing amount of collected souls within the youth began driving him mad with their terrified cries as they
were little by little having their awareness mingle into a single hivemind, withering away at the youth's own soul itself in the
process whilst the elder Monk held out just long enough to become the loudest and clearest voice in the mind of the youth.

While his impact was never extraordinary, he at times managed to influence the youth's will to steady himself at times he would
most need it and make alternate choices that would result in his journey less often leading to disaster. Unfortunately, they still
ultimately lead to the youth being struck down and having his own soul and collection of souls within devoured by a demonic sword
that the youth attempted to grasp. Within the sword, there were even more souls locked away, but even more damning was the horror
of the weapon itself expending souls to nourish it's own sentience.

The sword was eventually found by a merchant, then a pirate, then a knight who became possessed by the blade before the knight
discarded the parasitic armor and the sword itself possessed the armor. All who had possessed the sword between these times had
slain countless people and creatures who had their souls added into the weapon, but around this time, the living armor saw fit
to allow a follower much power by dispensing into her around ten thousand souls, including that of the Elder monk's and several
other souls whom had been strong enough to maintain their own individuality.

He had grown to know these other lost souls and was forced to watched as he outlived nearly all of them, one by one as they
had their essences absorbed to nourish her as she furthered the will of the cursed sword. Eventually, when the cursed sword
started weakening from it's inability to maintain the armor as it's harvested souls were running too low, the girl herself took
matters into her own hands and sucked the remainder of the souls out from the weapon and the armor for herself, attempting
to compress all the souls into herself until she found a new vessel.

Her attempts failed and she later opted to allow herself to become pregnant, hunting down a worthy specimen to molest and
consume the soul of in order to have certain hand-picked souls within her body to be injected into her growing child. She
forcibly inflated the elder Monk's memories with countless warriors she had already within herself and others she later fed on
until she gave birth to the perfect vessel, but she couldn't be bothered with raising the child herself at the time as other pressing
matters had emerged involving the withering of the dimensional walls.

When she came upon the Nexus, she paid off a reputable bounty hunter to raise the child until maturity, when the child would
be ripest for furthering her own plans, but she was unaware that the child retained the memories of the Elder monk as well as
the merged memories and knowledge of over hundreds upon hundreds of decades of experience, resulting in the child slipping
from the bounty hunter's custody the very moment the toddler's body was sturdy enough to manage walking without too much
hassle to the self.

Over time, the child grew and outlasted most children and teens in the wild, besting competitors and predators alike despite
what the outward appearances initially suggested. When rumors about the capable child circulated, "Shannon" moved to Destral
and made a name for herself as a bodyguard for several of the rich and powerful, but not quite so much those who would
get her seen in the public eye.

She eventually had her natural green hair and purple eye color surgically changed when she could legally manage to do so
before starting up her own dojo when she could afford it, Gaining a stellar reputation, but severing all ties with the very
City-country she had "historically been raised in" as far as Destral was concerned when they destroyed Metro Brinks over
what was at best mere speculation.

Ever since her move to Cape Crest, she has been seen as some sort of symbolic figure representing integrity and compassion
for the value of human life.


Shannon specializes in training students with her incredible depth of knowledge of combat, able to teach people many
beginner, intermediate and advanced tactics, skills and attacks for use in battle against many different kinds of opponents.

As with all services in Delpry Goods, the techniques offered vary accordingly in effectiveness and compatibility with different
creatures and/or class types and often have restrictions for balance purposes.

Techniques (Currently unavailable)
Advanced Tactical Tech (Currently unavailable)


Business Owner: Lysbeth "The All-Seeing"
Character Type: (Sorcery)

Lysebeth's name took off in the occult world after she avenged her mentor by not only banishing Llehnis back to hell, but
knocking the demon completely comatose for eight years. This accomplishment was achieved when Lysbeth was only
ten years of age and still entirely human, though, by her own admission, it was a coincidence that she was interrupted mid-spell
casting for that effect to occur.

The event practically forced Lysbeth to double her efforts on magic study shortly after her fight in order to prepare herself for
the more-than-likely return of the demon, but Llehnis never returned, making her frequent study a matter of ever-stacking skill and
preparedness for things most likely beyond the reach of most mages for her age.

When the Civil War that started up on Delta Prysm resulted in Metro Brinks being struck by a powerful, magic-nullifying weapon, she
took her studies with her and moved to Delta Prysm, setting up a shop to start engaging in business and trade in order to cover
for her researching Nega. She hadn't expected her business to take off in the particular manner that it did, but after the Move of
Shannon to Cape Crest, the people then too assumed Lysbeth's moving was somehow indicative of concern for the continent against
Destral's meddlings.

Lysbeth this time did not correct the people and began making off with an incredible deal of both research into magic arts as
well as expanding on her brand name.


Unlike other shop owners, Lysbeth is almost entirely motivated by a misplaced sense of revenge. Her mentor was slain by
Llehnis simply because he sought to use Lysbeth as a sacrifice to appease Llehnis in exchange for a mere few slivers of skin from
the Demon in order to further his study of Magic. Llehnis herself balked at his intentions, claiming even she thought it was too evil
and declined him, resulting in his then-only attack on Llehnis.

Lysbeth was unaware of this impending fate her mentor had planned and only walked in on Llehnis ripping him in half moments
after missing the conversation that lead up to it.

Lysbeth herself is far more creative than other magic practitioners and several levels more deadly in her precision and speed
than she herself is even aware of as she never sought to waste the time out to compare herself to others.

Her only faulting is highly-advanced technology being far beyond her comprehension as she once found herself at the
mercy of Purna and Kira's experiments after having been captured thanks to the effects of the "Nega Field Cannon"
weapon of Kira's design. Because of her failure to prevent this, she had found herself splice-modded with Snake and Rabbit
genetics, drastically altering her figure/body proportions, thought patterns, perception and tastes.

After she escaped from their control, she teleported a mass of Kira's clone Mousetraps to Purna's hidden labs to frame her
and generate a growing distrust and hatred between the two so they would eventually destroy themselves and forget about
Lysbeth completely. It worked, but around that time, she had already spent too much time in her modified form to think too
less of it and accepted it, starting to dress more to look like what she had become.

Lysbeth herself is more threatening in situations where she feels personally slighted and often very lenient of just about anything
else. She prides her own study and exploration of magic first and foremost before just about any other subject and has very deep
insight into who she's selling what things to so as to not make the mistake of putting power into the hands of those who have the
ability to hinder her in any way for her own gains, which usually are noble causes to begin with.

She has more than enough magic understanding to be able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Jaska, but she has more than enough
sense to not bother as her fight isn't with a harpy she can't be bothered to fake a reason to go against to begin with.


Lysbeth specializes in selling potions, elixirs, magic books, accessory and weapon enchantments, and many other magic-based
services of various sorts at both fair and balanced prices.

As with all sales objects in Delpry Goods, the items and services vary accordingly in effectiveness and compatibility with
different creatures and/or class types and often have restrictions for balance purposes.

Potions (Currently unavailable)
Elixirs (Currently unavailable)
Magic Spell Books (Currently unavailable)
--Elemental (Currently unavailable)
--Space/Time (Currently unavailable)
--Medical (Currently unavailable)
--Status (Currently unavailable)
--Forbidden (Currently unavailable)
--Summoning (Currently unavailable)
--Masterworks (Currently unavailable)
Enchantments (Currently unavailable)
Additional Services. (Currently unavailable)


Business Owner: Katarina St. Claire
Character Type: (Normal)

Unlike the rest, Katarina simply took reign over her own family business a her father decided to outright abandon it in favor of
serving his best friend, Lord Brutus Savage. She had already been trained enough to be able to handle real estate twice over by
both her parents, but she had lost her Mother in the bombing of Metro Brinks and her father decided joining Brutus Savage's business
was the only way to be able to make up for the financial losses.

Katarina herself is revered for her business smarts infinitely more than her appearance as she has made impressive efforts to repair
entire districts of homes in disrepair in order to increase property value and general all-around appearances of towns and cities that
are otherwise on the verge of physical and financial collapse.

She has established many shelters for the homeless and even on occasion given repaired homes for the financially distressed for
free on occasion.

Her business reputation has launched her popularity to such great heights that her name is basically synonymous with pleasant
homeowner experience.


Katarina isn't just business savvy to the extreme, she downright vicious to the competition as she's known for skyrocketing property
values of homes, but selling them far cheaper than their actual value, practically sending competing business into ruin. The mere
mention of her name usually prompts other CEO Realtors to fire the employees that speak it aloud on the spot, which perfectly
exemplifies the position she made for herself as the biggest enemy to the real estate game since Leilen's rule on the continent
imposed massive tax hikes on new homeowners.

She abuses her power more often than not to these ends simply because of the insults against her family's business that were flung
at her from the mouths of rival companies due to her mother's untimely demise. Her mother was the one who founded and created
the company while her father simply married into it and worked alongside her, so many rival companies exploited rumor milling as
a tactic to force her father out of the game by creating public perception that he was merely leeching off of his wife's success.

Since he was driven out, Katarina was made into an absolute nightmare as she cut deals with organizations in Cape Crest to help
her situation out, which is something rival companies never caught onto as they usually "had many varied and interesting" ways to
find homes that could be brought to her attention.

Even if she is a well-meaning, hard-working person that obeys laws and pays taxes along with every other major company worker,
nobody ever catches the double-meaning of the wording she uses in real estate about her "Making an offer they can't refuse."


Katarina specializes in selling land property which grants various starting benefits in battle according to the location at both
fair and balanced prices.

As with all sales objects in Delpry Goods, the real estate offers vary accordingly in effectiveness and compatibility with
different creatures and/or class types and often have restrictions for balance purposes.

Rural Housing (Currently unavailable)
Urban/Suburban Housing (Currently unavailable)
City Housing (Currently unavailable)
Off-World Colonizing (Currently unavailable)
Business-Class Real Estate (Currently unavailable)


Black Market:

The major illegal and/or unlicensed underworld establishments that lay hidden in Delta Prysm's many countries that intend
to offer items and services at the cost of prize money in battles.

While these services have lower prices than people may expect, their quality and reliability are usually unknown in order to keep
them off of the radar. Listed here are the most notorious of Delta Prysm's black market operators.



Business Owner: Purnasintist Rea
Character Type: (Glutton)

A biofabricant whom operates primarily within the night-city country of Ne-On, Purna runs her services of varying ranges of her
own personal investment to actual taxing of people for her time. While her work is well-documented, her home itself often eludes
people whether they want to know who she is or not.

As a matter of business fact, Kira Daidohji's work overshadows her own by a significant margin, pushing Purna's meddlings to the
point of near obscurity. This in itself works to Purna's advantage as she personally cannot tolerate major popularity since she's
too selfish to be bothered to with working at any pace but her own.


Purna herself actually went to school and grew up best friends to Kira Daidohji, both often copying off of one another's work
in good faith and far more often getting into trouble together at the expense of both their families good names.

While both Purna and Kira wound up committing the exact same crimes, only Kira herself wound up being arrested as Purna had the
good sense to cover up what she had done. Despite this, Purna Supported Kira from the shadows and helped her plot an escape
by hinting to the Destral government what they could do to overthrow Metro Brinks.

Purna, after having been half of the orchestrated scheme which caused the great catastrophe that divided the continent of Delta
Prysm into a great many divided nations, found herself able to greatly profit from this and schemed with many others, Kira included,
in order to maintain the ever-boiling strife between the regions to improve her sales margins.

Within the new and bustling activity, she found herself starting to grow rapidly weary of the wildly varied and unusual creatures
aside from the few she was already used to seeing, bringing her at an impasse as it became too difficult to have Kira journey so
far out of her way from Prosper Island in order to assist her in various fields of body science and anatomical study. This became
especially worsened after the capture and accidental release of Lysbeth, who saw fit to frame Purna during her escape in order to
cause the two to fight one another over a lack of mutual trust.

Because of the bitter distrust, Purna's work ethics wound up suffering catastrophically as she sometimes chose to give up
her work halfway-through instead of bothering to ask Kira for assistance, often landing her in situations with annoyed customers
that either attack her in frustration over her failures or flat-out attempt to kill her for the damages done. After her first few bouts
of tasting that type of backlash, she eventually decided upon simply eating the customers she had too many difficulties with
body-modding and/or those who she expected to be dissatisfied to completely negate the possibility of being attacked.

After Kira went missing, Purna took to investigating Prosper Island and searching through video records to figure out what
occurred, but upon discovering Kira's fate, she simply looted the island of whatever goods and research materials she could
make use of for her future endeavors.

Purna herself is a bit of an oddball and rather intelligent, but not so much concerned about her customers as she is for learning
what she can from them. Her talents are worth whatever prices she ask simply because there's probably no guarantee that the
buyers will like the results if she isn't already an expert in the field for the particular modification or if she just plain feels too
lazy to bother with continuing an operation.

Her staff is sharply limited and most of them are robots controlled by an AI program coded by Kira to keep her facilities secure.
She has an Alternate AI that was stolen from Moe that was revised to run her security systems while she does all sorts of other
work behind the scenes.

If she ever runs low on money and her customers start dwindling, she ends up using other means to profit with the help of those
black hat hackers online who run the core of Ne-On. The things she does in return to help them out are often downright cruel.


Purna offers body-altering services and items of various sorts that are meant to allow for certain attribute enhancements and/or new
vore abilities for those that lack particular predatory functions..

As with all sales objects in the Black Market, the items and services vary accordingly in effectiveness and compatibility with
different creatures and/or class types and often have restrictions for balance purposes. For the goodwill and interest of those curious,
results and satisfaction may WILDLY vary.

Temporary Item Enhancements (Currently unavailable)
Permanent Structural Enhancements (Currently unavailable)
Oral Vore (Currently unavailable)
Anal Vore (Currently unavailable)
Unbirthing (Currently unavailable)
Cock Vore (Currently unavailable)
Tail Vore (Currently unavailable)
Fang Implants (Currently unavailable)
Specialty services (Currently unavailable)


Business Owner: Boss Pirkins
Character Type: (Villain/Abberant)

Slave trade has seen a drastic increase ever since months before Leilen's reign over the Federation and primarily due to the
fact that Leilen herself was hunting down an enemy presumed older than she herself was and ignoring certain crimes that she felt
others could handle in her stead.

What Leilen would not expect is that the enemy she sought moved in ways precisely to counteract every move that Leilen used
to gain an advantage. Ironically, this would also mean that the threat she sought out was right under her nose and exploiting
Leilen's own ignorance against her by staking a massive claim in the slave market right in the very same continent Leilen herself
had in her iron grip.

The slave market practically solidified it's grip on the major black market underground as an indisputable fact of the way the
continent's culture after Leilen's presumed death made law enforcement crumble apart so quickly throughout each of the countries.
When both Ne-On and Cape Crest were reduced to major crime countries did the name of "Skin and Chain" start to spread with more
word-of-mouth in the crime world.


"Boss Pirkins" is the only identity known to be affiliated with this Black Market and the person herself seems to be mostly
shrouded in myth and mystery due to her particular habits and manners of conducting business.

As of this date, there has been not a single person capable of remotely raising threat to her or claiming superiority to her.
Her body is often noted to be both distinct in it's appearance and without visible blemishes or flaws that could detract from
her clear and present manner of how she carries herself in conduct of business.

Anybody that refers to her aloud and mentions her as if having personally met her will at all times go the distance to refer to
her as "Boss Pirkins" as a full name only, as if it has some strong and indicative meaning, but the reasons for this are never
actually explained.

She has successfully long-eluded capture for generations long since past historical records could even trace back to and seems
to have a talent for making her influence felt whenever she so needs it to be.


Boss Pirkins deals exclusively in slave trade and other various flesh market peddlings.

As with all sales objects in the Black Market, the items and services vary accordingly in effectiveness and compatibility with
different creatures and/or class types and often have restrictions for balance purposes. For the goodwill and interest of those
curious, results and satisfaction may WILDLY vary.

Slave Trade (Currently unavailable)


Business Owner: Cuebi The Contractor
Character Type: (Abberant/Shapeless)

This business is often a major mystery as the word-of-mouth for it's popularity is almost non-existing as it's customers are
always unwilling to speak about their experiences for any of the millions upon millions of various reasons.

As of this date, there is no clear indication if this is positive or negative.


Little is known of Cuebi or cuebi's clients. Furthermore, information of Cuebi is strictly limited to 2 facts:

1. Cuebi often repeatedly seeks out a certain particular sort of customer, despite a few happening to stumble by him on

2. Cuebi can only seem to ever be found in the nechrols of Nega.


Cuebi deals exclusively matters of Real Estate, however, his means of acquiring payment seem incredibly unorthodox compared
to the norm
and often cause people to be divided on the costs being too cheap or too expensive even though his charges
absolutely never vary at all between buyers.

As with all sales objects in the Black Market, the items and services vary accordingly in effectiveness and compatibility with
different creatures and/or class types and often have restrictions for balance purposes. For the goodwill and interest of those
curious, results and satisfaction may WILDLY vary.

Real Estate Contracting (Currently unavailable)