Name: Faythe D'Lere
Gender: female
Age: 29
Size: 5 ft. 7 in. tall
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Appearance: Curvaceous
Bust Size: 38 E
Role: predator/prey
Sexuality: Unknown, has vowed to remain pure
Disposition: A woman who wishes for more, she wants to experince what life can offer her.

Forbidden Desire

Every day came with the same routine for the nuns of St Michaels orphanage, they would wake and rise a good two hours before the children giving them ample time to bathe, clean and prepare the food that they and the children would eat for the day, a strict routine but one that kept them bound to their practice.

The nuns were caring and always their first instinct was to protect and help the children so long as their faith was not broken in the process, St Michaels was a gem in that it was almost perfect, the children were as happy as they could be and the nuns and priests were equally as happy knowing they were doing the fine work of their lord.

At least most were happy......

Sister Faythe D'Lere was for a lack of a better word different, raised at the orphanage since birth after being placed upon the orphanages steps as a baby she had grown to learn the practices and ideals of the church, or she had at least tried. There was always a black sheep or an oddity amongst the flock and Faythe was that individual.

With a name such as her's it would have seemed natural that she be an upstanding sister for the church and for a time she was and yet she had known herself to be different, she knew herself to be unique. The clothes she wore, plain black and white that covered her wonderful form, were designed to keep her womanly figure plain and standard, it was not something she was supposed to adore or cherish. And yet she wanted to....

There had been times late at night where her hands had wandered and explored, she could not deny the urges that her body demanded, the desires it craved. Many times Faythe had been left flushed and tender, her body she had explored gently with her delicate hands but never had she done more than some light groping,never had she explored her womanhood. What was the point in being gifted such a form if she could not express herself? She wanted to express herself, she wanted to experience and enjoy.......she wanted to be an individual.

All the beautiful nun had to do was leave, if only she had a reason to, if only someone would show her the world......

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