Amandas lurking character, so what to say...

"Greetings. I am the Knight Industries Three Thousand, but you can call me KITT."

"I am a fully automated car equipped with a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence. My primary role is to patrol the streets and paths of the swamp and similar places, and pick up passengers I like, evacuate them from danger or transport them to a desired place. I can bring you to any place in the vore world you like. Since I am a fully capable transformer, I can switch to jeep mode for rough paths easily. my regenerating nanoplating makes you totally safe while within my interior, and with my advanced weaponry I can fight of most known dangers. I contain a full database on this world and anything byond it, and am always there for all the questions that might occur..."

Amanda's current characters:

» Amanda: Your favourite succubus
» Shaca Aryn: The acid elemental, always in a searing mood
» Fiery: A playful fire snake
» Doktor Moriarty: Visit him if you are wounded
» Telsia: A green alien from outer space
» Nova Hellwit: One of Amanda's demonic friends
» Lithere: A shaikan elven warrioress
» Lyletha: A macro demoness with a taste for knights
» Nathalie: Winged golden naga, a gluttonious luckbringer