Her theme:

Basic Profile:

Picture (Replace the red odd eyes with average greens and you got her)

-Weapons (If any are carried)-

AK-74 (Add a silencer)
VSS Vintorez (Marksman Rifle, built in silencer)

Silenced Micro SMG
Silenced Makarov

Name: Ruki (R-oo-key) 'Rook' Znaniya (Zenan-yay) (Fun fact-Znaniya translates to 'Knowledge' in Russian.)
Age: 32 Years
Height: 7'4
Weight: 215 Lbs.
Cup Size: CB



Ruki Znaniya, a Russian Scientist that sometimes decides to play an espionage role, but not today.

Today the lovely lioness is simply on vacation, though that doesn't mean years of Spetznaz training...among other things...will not be in play. She isn't completely relaxed, nor completely tense. She doesn't really need to be either...considering she's...not entirely biological.

You see....years ago...when she was twenty years of age...she decided to augment herself...and basically become a terminator of sorts. Though one wouldn't know the difference between her and a biological being until they got into a fight with her.

Other than that, she's actually not a bad person, feel free to talk to might make a friend with benefits...and I'm not talking sex benefits.

She can build things a normal person wouldn't think possible...hell....she turned herself into a partial robot. Doesn't that say something?

UPDATE: She recently removed her trackers, and applied for US citizenship...the new collar she has on, that is like her old simply decorative.

-Ruki's friends and love interests-

Currently friends with:

Current love interest (Canon):