Veroz used to be a small and very unassuming little place that had popped up at the crossroads between to major road ways that stretched across the land. It was technically a village by population but it was far from being hunting with spears and living in tentss, though that could be found in the dense forest surrounding it, most just called it a town. The little "town" would soon have a very small and unassuming event happen to it that would forever change it. The sound of a baby crying.
      Sallyy was not just left on a door step, she was left in the middle of town. Practically everyone in the small community waking up to see what had happened to cause such crying. They were surprised to find a baby cat girl with a note that simply read, "Please take care of her."
      The town was varied in terms of species, even some very rare ones, so after checking with everyone and some heated questioning they concluded that no one in the town was related to her. They had no idea where she came from but the people of the town were kind so they all agreed to help raise the cat girl.
      Luckily for Sallyy there were a fair number of predatory species in the town since she ate primarily meat and needed milk from such a species as well. The first few years of her life were pretty uneventful but the town did grow some while she was being raised up to a little toddler kitten. Once she got just a bit older though, about five or so, she started to show some interesting habits.
      Sometimes the young cat girl would worry the entire village for days when she seemed to just disappear, and after everyone had sworn they hadn't eaten her. She would always turn back up talking about some new place or thing he found. Always seemed to come back with an odd plant or trinket or even animal.
     The people of Veroz were used to this since they were a cross roads town people from all over had exotic things as they passed through. The forest had ended up accumulating many of these things from past generations which made the forest surrounding Veroz, and Veroz itself, a bit of a nexus for the odd, strange, mystical or rare. Sallyy seemed to have an odd knack for finding all of it as well.


      Cats were always curious creatures and Sallyy was no exception. The growing cat girl continuing her streak of finding all sorts of oddities but as she got older she started to go farther and farther out. She soon started to come back with sand in her hair and bright tropical plants. Sometimes she'd disappear for a month before coming back with a foreign and rare species. Most questioned how she managed to get so far on foot but with magic being nothing new in this word most just figured she must have some natural gift.
      Now that she's in her late teens or early twenties, the town was never sure of her age, Veroz has become a large destination place to visit. After years of the cat girl finding so many oddities and the usual travelers leaving behind such things the town became a place of uniqueness. There were now species of things not found anywhere else in the world, food you could have no where else, and animals that now only existed in the surrounding forest thanks to Sallyy's efforts.

The Odd Cat

      Sallyy is a cat girl but no one is really sure what kind she is. The reason for that is simple. She changes. Her brown fur has been seen as tiger stripes, black and shiny like a panthers, white, dotted, pink, the list goes on. It's not simply confined to her ears and tail either. Sallyy has been seen to have fur on her arms and legs as well while sporting the extra cat like features that pertain to having fur in such areas.
      Then there's, what she calls, her hobby. Thanks to all those odd species over the years she gotten a very varied and powerful amount of ingredients. With that word one may think she was a chef of some sort which might be half correct since both are chemistry. She's not a chemist either though. The cat girl fancies herself a potion maker akin to do things of an alchemical nature. She's very good at it too. If you want it or need it, she can make it. For a fee.
      Finally, where do you find this cat? That's quite simple as well. Wherever she wants to be. Sallyy can be found anywhere she finds interesting. Of course her home is Veroz and if you wait there long enough she'll eventually come back but she likes to travel. At heart she is still an explorer like she was when she was a kitten but now that she's older with some resources this cat girl can be found in the most fantastic of places.


Met an adorable busty cat girl that wanted nothing more than to be in Sallyy's gut. Sallyy was of course happy to oblige and the cute cat is now tit fat and kitty shit~ Permavored Milk_Saunders

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