Hello there! Welcome to the world of pokémon! My name is Artemis_X! People call me the pokémon Prof!
This is a persistent world, multi-session RP campaign intended to be a group RP, but adaptable to one on ones as need be. Players can app their favorite pokemon trainers and explore familiar regions from across the series, taking on old and new enemies alike in plotlines of their own design--brought to life by me. The only major difference? Vore. Trainers can eat eachother. Pokemon can eat trainers. Trainers can eat pokemon!--Well the last two aren't unheard of, but now they're more likely to swallow their prey whole!

Select your favorite canon character, write up a simple character sheet, bring your OC, bring a friend, relive the stories of the games with a voracious twist, invent your own stories, visit strange and unknown lands, and embark on a journey that can range from hammy, to dark, to that classic pokemon feel.
1. Every player must play at least one canon character to participate.
2. Canons may come from any officially licensed source. Duplicates are allowed. This will be ICly explained using multiverse theory as seen in-game.
3. Every player must be willing to fill out their own character sheet.
4. No deconstructing the premise. That means no being too good for monsters and no guns.
4. The following kinks and preferences are not allowed:
Hard Vore
Male Pregnancy
Non-Human PCs (Exception: Trainer's Pokemon)
Reformation (Exception: Rebirth)
Sex (Exception: Fade-To-Black)
Disposal (Exception: Implied / Mentioned Only. Never Described.) (Exception 2: Clean Full Tour)
5. Preferences must take a backseat. Accomodations can be made for when you absolutely cannot deal with a subject, but if those subjects are too general or ubiquitous (ie. digestion or oral vore) I may have to turn you down.
Conflict Resolution
In the event that there is a conflict in need of solving, the following solutions are available in this RP. Note that once a method is agreed on, it is binding.

1. Dice Rolling Each character has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to combat and vore that effects their dice rolls. All rolls use a 20 sided dice and in the event of a tie, whoever has the bigger roll modifier wins. Else, reroll.
2. Agreement If both players agree on a certain outcome, that works fine too! If there is any disagreement, this option is not available. You cannot coerce someone into agreeing with you.
3. Use a Judge A judge, normally me, can be asked to sit in and determine the winner after the fight goes on for a bit based on how they performed. Note that powergaming and godmodding will ultimately be treated like mistakes, regardless of how the fight plays out.

Character Sheets
Grab the blank character sheet here

Make sure that you are logged into google.
Click File --> Make a Copy and change the name appropriately.
You can edit this new copy. You only need to fill out the character/pokemon tabs.
Once you're ready, I will make my own copy of your complete character sheet and store it here.
From then on, I will manage your character sheet for you.

Protagonists and Rivals
Gym Leaders and Champions
Coordinators and Performers
Misc. Canons
Original/Crossover Characters

My Individual Preferences
Because of the nature of this RP, my preferences will be heavily muted. Do not take a no here as a no for this RP. This is just for if you want to get insight on my tastes personally. See the rules for more concrete limits.