Hello, friends! I’m the Heavily Armed Common Sense Fairy!

This park is my home. With a nod of my head, a bounce of my breasts, and a blast of my cannons, I have the magical power to dispense knowledge a lot of people on this site should have already figured out, but haven’t.

Before you try engaging in any of the roleplay functions here, it might be best advised you check the Chat and Roleplay FAQ as well as the RP Advice/Guidelines section and RP Terms so as to gain a better understanding of some of the chat basics before diving in head-first as a helpful suggestion to beginners.

—1) One-word hellos could be a bit limiting in some instances with some players unless you're already very familiar with who you're contacting. Not to judge your social skills personally, but some players may very well judge you on them, so you may want to try varying up your approaches or enhancing your manner of addressing others to increase your appeal with a more confident breadth of phrasing.

—2) Have a few RP scenarios in mind before you appraoch. Doesn’t matter if you’re pred or
prey, top or bottom, dom or sub. It helps to be prepared and in many cases improves likelyhood
of sustaining partner interest if you are already prepared and confident in knowing what you want.

—3.a) Try to remember that this is a vore fetish site/chat. It is for people who get aroused by eating people, or
lewdness derived from various manner of consumption of others. Now ask yourself—and be honest!—how much
backstory do you need?

Here's a test. Open your profile. Scroll till your character description is at the top of the page. Now
hit the space bar. If I don't see the start of a pref sliders chart or a part of it (or if the scroll bar is
still near the top half of the page), it’s too long. An html button or two would be highly advised to
help out here so potential partners can easily locate which information is valid/integral to their interests.

----(3.b) Mind you, other fetishes can be fine, but please expect that Vore and fetishes immediately
related to it in the base profile sliders are going to be the core appeal here and things that fall outside
the bounds of that may be frequently avoided by disinterested parties more often than you think. If
you have a fetish you prefer more than vore, please establish it in your profile and make perfectly
clear what your intentions and interests are and do not hold it against others if they do not share the
same interests or seek not to explore an external, unrelated fetish with you. You wouldn't Go to
Antarctica looking for a Desert and be disappointed that you only found snow and icebergs, so try not to
come here bearing hostility if nodody wants to have sex with a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am or go out on
a date with a witch's severed, wart-covered foot.

----(3.c) This is especially paramount for belly-stuffing/fat fetishists that are unwilling to clarify their
motives upfront.
Being dishonest and making your partners go through an entire food-stuffing scene while not
approaching/engaging vore or otherwise putting on a false pretense and bailing on your partner before giving
them closure they are expecting is exceptionally poor form and just plain rotten if it's your normal routine. Try to
keep your intentions as transparent as possible.

—4) Fetishes are a component of, or substitute for, sex. Sex takes two people, working
in tandem. Having your post length be roughly the same neighborhood as your partner’s is
usually the preferrable goal, so an effort to maintain this would be helpful to you.

One-sentence people are fine if they are fast to the reply and can emote and speak with enough
range to detail character, mood, envirnoment and action in short order, but that's increasingly
rare and most that do might need to keep practicing. Keep in mind that entire walls of text with
10+ lines arent't requred or expected, so you shouldn't stress going overboard with posts that
take so long to send that you leave your partner feeling concerned. Find your goldilocks zone and try to
settle in there - not too fast or slow. Focus on what's most important to spice up your post just right.

—5.a) Understand the default assumptions implied by your character’s very existence. If
you are an shark or lion, we are going to assume you are pred. If you are a gingerbread man, prey.
If you’re playing against type, A) say so early in your profile, and B) be able to articulate a good
reason why, at least to yourself.

This is especially true for those who play submissive dragons. Cloaking yourself in one of the most
enduring mythological symbols of might and expect others will (no pun intended) will easily swallow
the idea of your being prey... I want to not call it a cliche, but it is basically just that and sort-of
not going to do you many favors to spring it on a person, especially if the profile does a poor job
communicating the reality of your interests running counter to norm.

This goes beyond just pred or prey. What are the other price-of-entry features about your character?
Cows, don’t be surprised if we try to milk you. Pigs, be able to handle being called fat, being
stuffed, or even getting some joking references to bacon. Vampires, know what to do if we’re
snacking on garlic.

----(5.b)Nobody likes false advertising: If your character is has a profile that mentions
your interests, don't be pissed, upset or annoyed that somebody is approaching you about the
subject in question. You mentioned it, so don't turn around and get angry at folk that are
attracted to that detail. If it bugs you so much, get rid of the information that's causing you the
trouble to begin with.

(This goes triple for preds that have profiles that make clear that they're more about predding than
being prey only to whine about being sick of constantly predding the moment you get pm'ed for a pred
scene. People are only addressing you about what your profile suggests is likely, so don't take it out on
them for what your profile and current chat status may suggest.)

—6)The character is what you're selling and the player is like a driver of the car. Just worry about being
a good driver and you'll increase your chances of getting more willing passengers. Your in-person IRL
Sex/Gender/whatever is irrelevant and not stating what you are can be a benefit, especialy for those that want
to believe you are either one gender or another and choose not to discomfort themselves. Your RP ability and
IC character appeal is all that matters. Anybody trying to assert otherwise just has ulterior motives.

—7)Over-shackled prefs and Over-Sensitivity to certain RP elements are major telegraphs. Most people in the site
and chat have enough experience to have a sort-of 'sixth sense' for telltale signs of an unfavorable player based
on their willingness/unwillingness to touch on some of the most basic of things in a vore RP. Even moreso, a player
that is too clingy or play too safe during a first encounter with a penchant to have an OOC freakout or awkwardly puts
up a transparent effort to artificially prolong a scene to maintain an element of continuation is the most commonplace
and eyesore-like forms of desperation that is a huge turn-off to a majority of players. Desperation isn't pretty at all
and you should actively be thinking on whether or not you are making yourself come off as too needy or desperate as it
might reduce your chances of playing again with partners you've eagerly been anticipating a chance with. You can't blame
others for your own image problems if you aren't self-aware of your own warning signs that are being vividly telegraphed
when others read between the lines.

—8) Don't be obsessive or clingy to strangers: Never rp'ed with a certain interesting-looking player before? Ask for an rp,
but when you start, try to limit the scene to one scene with only your one, singular character and their own singular character and nobody
and nothing else with your intention to begin and end a scene with a fitting conclusion that might be attainable in one rp sitting. Treat it
like a "first-time test play" and try to respect each other's mutual interests.

If you're pursuing a long-term rp or think your partner is a suitable love interest for your character and you haven't played with the character
or player yet to know if there's chemistry to be had, you're most likely going to run the risk of having a very bad time before the rp even begins.

That’s all for now. But don’t worry—I’m sure I’ll be back with more!