(Warning: Sound may be L O U D.)

Name: Tsao Fanzhong

(Pronounced: Sa-oh / Fahn-zohn)

AKA: (none)
Species: Humanoid
Gender: unclear
Height: Appears just over 5 feet.
Weight Class: Presumed Light
Occupation: "Business Mogul"
Weapon Preference: Unknown
Alliance: Lawful Evil

Habitat: Cape Crest.
Danger Types: Unknown
Advantages: Money, Multiple conglomerates under 'Financial Advisement' .


While Cape Crest looks clean and tidy to the outside observer, long-time residents know full
well of the criminal element lurking within the shadows. Fanzhong is publicly known as a
financial Analyst of sorts, yet owns roughly 65% of Cape Crest's total property in some way if
not through land then through some other tax or servicing.

It is not clear just how long Fanzhang has been in the business, but most do know that Fanzhong
is never seen without at least ten bodyguards in public.

Fangzhong's appearances are incredibly rare and the limited exposure to the public eye has
resulted in next to no information of Fanzhong's personal habits, motives, vital statistics or
other identifying details that would help determine much more than what physical appearance
Fanzhong allows people to see for a few breif, fleeting moments.

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