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1. Valencourt - Grand City Capital of all Hawkehurst and Invicta Imperium.
2. Kannendra - Interworld Crossing/Overworld Operations Center and main planetary access hub for Immigrants new to the nexus.
3. Phayon Heights - Old-fashioned traditional trade towns and settlements. (DnD style fantasy)
4. Iwen Valley - The crossing point of the four main continental passages.
5. Hepsbisburg - Realistic setting for passives. (Reforming disabled/combat discouraged.)
6. Mirran - Sky country forged from a floating continent.
7. Fariscinnett - Abandoned country-sized mining cavern network overrun with various creatures.
8. Heimzekell - Realm of dark/monstrous creatures. Humans and their like are forbidden.
9. Merlscape - Country which the majority population reside in underwater cities.
10. Outhensland - Country waging an endless war countless from factions with long-lost causes.
11. Dajirowe - Multi-cultured oriental country with multiple coexisting societies.
12. West Eden - A country-long floating road that leads to the heavens once travelled in full.
13. Vaken Sandsea - Gargantuan Sandsea with few stable city-sized islands.
14. Geist Crater - Abandoned city haunted by the denizens slain in the disaster.
15. Vanity - Sinful city of liesurely delights cultivated to entice of all manner of vice.
16. Eclipse Plains - The majority of the continent that is unmarked on the map is effectively this.
17. Spekklon - Supercity of intellect and genius formed from all corners of the nexus to create safeguards against great external threats.

Hawkehurst is a continent that exists within the realm of the "Nexus" in a manner which
is far more static and concrete than the other myriad ofplaces within it's ever-changing
structure. Here in this place, conquest and desire have become the primary means of a
balanced ecosystem throughout the ages.

The civilization within is oversaturated with clashing cultures and ideologies from a vast and
diverse range of beliefs and interests that have become far too large and powerful to be properly
governed, as such, government is only limited exclusively to defence of it's people from foreign
forces external to the continental borders.


Hawkehurst is an complex continent that has a diverse range of environments form-fit for many nexus
immigrants to more effectively co-habitate together in a single world. Entire countries separated here moreso
by climates and familiar species sorting as opposed to political and government regulation as determined by a
simple matter of where the immigrants flocked to and settled post-migration. This fact presented a natural
state of nearly perfect societal balance to the continent when the first settlers colonized during the great
nexus disaster.

Crime in Hawkehurst is far less prevelent and predation is oft seen less as a problem and more of a natural
occurrance that is without requirement for legal intervention in most cases, leaving the countries to more
effectively evolve and adapt their cultures over time to better improve their lives for the time they are provided.
As far as criminal matters are concerned, the most enforced laws are unlicensed cross-zone intrusion as the various
country cultures have extreme polar-opposing views that may easily escalate a cross-continental war.

The founding of Hawkehurst being so strongly rooted in the events of Great Nexus Disaster marks it as one of the most Historic worlds in the Nexus, the continent having the foremost largest repository of information across the entire Multi-aspect of the Nexus and an entire country institution dedicated to the conditioning and integration of those struggling to adapt to the condition of the world structure. Due to this, the government of the continent prioritizes The security of it's land leagues above any other concern, making it the single most well-fortified continent ever seen.

Delta Prysm's relationship to Hawkehurst is far-removed from hostile, yet very much still in conflict due to past historical strife involving the High Judges and Imperator of Destral against the Scholars of Spekklon and Maestro of the Battalion Wall still going unresolved after decades. This longstanding strife concerning the twin incidents of the Geist Crater and the destruction of Nega along with foreign trade fiascos that came before and after, while dampened by the tides of time, are still a source of contention for the majority of the Hawkehurst population.

To enter unto these lands is to invite a challenge of self-discovery and challenge one's own wit and limits.
To set out for one's own well being and overcome adversity is the consistent goal of all whome travel or settle.
Enter eager and curious, yet know you will always risk always leaving changed.


1.Valencourt: (Depicted: Imperallux Capital)

(Demonym: Valencorran )

The Grand-High Capital of the continent with the bulk of the government and nerve center of most business being
operated out of this location with the highest-fidelity security being issued to maintain a consistent and unending
stream of operations in order to prevent the collapse of any part of government, busiess or trade.
The Ruling class system is a founder-based meritocracy with highest positions of government bein put to blind vote
in most cases to ensure the best-qualified is selected to be in command of ccontinental affairs as Grand Maestro.

Castle Skyhawk, the mobile capital command center for the Chief of Intelligence.
Skyhawk Landing, the multi-complex cradle which houses the landing site of Castle Skyhawk.
Valen Fortraille, The massive government estate of Valencourt and military fortress center. The continent's most seure location.

Situated in this area:
The Chief of Intelligence
An individual with very limited information pertaining to their existence and of an order of authority far beyond most govenrment officials.
Little is known of her and less is seen aside from her operation of Castle Skyhawk.


2.Kannendra: (Depicted: Suжen City)

(Demonym: Kannendran )

An entire country dedicated to the handling of off-world transit and trade affairs with the most facilities dedicated to integrating and orienting
Immigrants from off-world to the planet's climates and cultures. Those that complete their courses are granted Accclimatized Visas and are able to
Freely access other parts of Invicta Imperium at their own liesure.

Eksha Porttown, the foremost town of offworld trade, distribution and immigrant colonization service.
Exterior Transfer Space, The primary containment zone relagated for new immigrants and imported goods until clearance is verified.
World Transfer Gate, The border crossing zone for imports and immagrants.
Moderatorium, The overworld security station assigned for the controlling head staff of Kannendra's government office.
Support Center, supply and technician depot of Kannendra's techcnical advisory board.
Banishment Chambers, the sophisticated and hi-tech prison system for dangerous persons/beings or criminals.
Nexus ITP Forum, The most primary forum for lawful immigration, trade and policies.
Orientation and Introduction Hall, Orientation schools scattered about Kannendra designed to better acclimatize groups of immagrants.
(I)ntermingling and (O)uter (O)ffice (C)enters, Locales spread all through Kannendra such as shops or other public utilities as public service.
Recreation Halls, places designed for pastimes and recreational activities and casual loitering.


3.Phayon Heights: (Depicted: Moll Tikueis City)

(Demonym: Phayonian )

Country entirely regulated by passive humans who have mostly taken interest in older, more classical ways with unrefined technology
and more magically-inclined sensibilities. Those that travel, trade and reside in these areas occasionally take issue with demi
and subhuman sorts or full-blown monsters as they are often the most common form of troublemaking sorts or bandits that instigate
against humans.

This entire country zone is very much stuck in it's old sword and sorcery ways and those that make their way here often find themselves
seeking adventure for whichever reason they long for in their hearts.

Ehdvan Chur's Market, A settlement consisting of the most famous tradesmen and merchants in the continent, forming a great bazaar.
Rehnd Umbahtal Forest, mostly all around and with potential dangerous individuals and creatures lurking and ready to strike at any time.
Wardfolk Villages, several small settlements between the northern Market and the southern Forge that often need defending or favors from travelers.
Kuiestern Forge. A small city full of weaponsmiths, adventuring guilds, training centers and other combat-priming services or groups.
Imedd Naabus Hallow, A secluded area home to subhuman/demi-human beings that have been ostracized and chased away from other settlements.


4.Iwen Valley: (Depicted: East Road)

Less a country and more a mass-transit intersection for the majority of ccontinental travel. It is known for being on the two safest straight-lines
through the continent for transfer of goods between regions and the least complicated method more specifically for large business and trade.
While the East Road is the only path which is guarded with a massive underground district colony, the other pathways are barely any less safe aside
from occcasional wildlife or natural obstacles.

North Pass, the area most-travelled to avoid passage through Heimzekell and Fariscinnett via canyonside and bridge.
Southlands, this pass to Dajirowe is often forgotten, but far more secure than the bridge pass from Kannendra as Coastal and Sea weather on the bridge risks overturned vehicles.
Westernfalls, An old digway strategically carved through the earth that is overrun with plantlife that leads to Spekklon.


5.Hepsbisburg: (Depicted: Harizzo District)

(Demonym:Hepsbiyan )

A borough country of carefully-controlled population growth and time/life repeat restrictions. In this location, only one
timeline-version of a being is permitted at any time into the country as they are bound by a reality function of permanence
that exists externally to the nexus. Those that expire here are stripped of any means of returning to life, making it the
single most dangerous location on the planet.

Lakeview Center, The second-most police-regulated city, second only to Destral.
Reverednoy, one of the oldest areas in the world and most unregulated as life expectancy is lowest on the planet.


6.Mirran: (Depicted: Mirrancrest)

(Demonym:Mirjerban )

A massive sky-continent roughly six times as large Outhensland and with its primary means of levitation derived from a gravity-repelling
ore that lay deep within the continent's foundation. Due to the magnetic effect it has on the iron deposits, the entire continent remains
static, locked in place above the same location no matter the planet's rotation.
(Only the base island where Kalask Welge is stationed is depicted on the map)

Kalask Welge, Old capital of Hawkehurst where the first landing of Castle Skyhawk still remains just beneath the Sky Continent of Mirran.
Valor's Pointe, the lowest point of the Sky continent and easiest location of access.
Strayswile, lowest town district nearest the cold mountain areas, but with enough nearby cliff overhang to collecct mass water runoff from waterfalls.
Pitirsgatten, home of the most talented aircraft production engineers on the planet and main transit hub of Mirran.
Mirranfall is the entire external structure of the sky continent's edge, named as such for obvious reasons.
Roppavillim is the most well-known and popular city in all of Mirran - also called "the cloud city" As it is nestled at an elevation that often obscures it's ground.
Ledgem. The single highest point in all the world and least acccessible due to the thin air. The castle city has remained unexplored for thousands of years.
Risen Temple lay hidden within the Ledgem Overcastle and within that very temple is a mysterious Inner Sanctum.


7.Fariscinett: (Depicted: Abandoned Underterra Fariscinett)

(Demonym: Underterran)

An entire country-sized area beneath the earth that was mined of its ore deposits before the earth beneath had a chance to
destructively rise as a flying island-country similar to how Mirran may have done thousands of years ago. Due to the massive
depletion of its resonant mythril, countless creatures of many sorts have flocked to its entire underreach, causing a total
evacuation and complete abandonment of the mining colony, leaving all form of civilization barren aside from those brave enough
venture inside in order to loot the treasures left behind.

(The entire underterra country is uncharted and dangerous. As such, no locales are given.)


8.Heimzekell: (Depicted: Purgist's Core)

(Demonym: Zekellan)

The volcanic region of the continent that was mostly left behind as a reservation for the countless demons that were native to the planet, a place that
remained nearly untread upon by colonizers for hundreds of thousands of years by outsiders.

Crag Kyariot, also known as "Grave of the Demon Emperor" is the furthest west, where the historic volcanic crater hollow sits
right before the massive, stadium-sized Trespass Seal around the sword that slew the demon. The volcanic hollow, Inner Kyariot
is home to most demonkind that are revered as longstanding lords or masters above the others, making it a realm where lesser demons dare not tread.
Bokkotaxen, is one of the two largest monster business districts on the planet, this one specifically of the slightly-more 'legal' variety.
Gestra Franpe is an isolated city which is host exclusively to Witches, Vampires, Succubi and Harpies. All others that dare trespass are
either killed on sight or captured to be herded as cattle. It is a highly-popular, but extraordinarily expensive vacation spot for those permitted entry.
Banish Point is a no-zone for any creature not permitted. Only beings of a high enough claim to demon authority may pass lest they be struck entirely
from reality by the banishment lord.

Situated in this area:
Lord Banishment Gripenasty
A demon Lord that outsmarted a celestial and acquired such a weapon that forever bound her to be a demon gate Guardian.
The Nexus Gate of Delta_Prysm occasionally intersects it's transmission location with the demon gate, leaving her
to do double-duty as a guardian, much to her chagrin.



(Demonym: Merscaphian)

A country whose upper majority of it's population resides in submerged or seabound structures with the whole of it's people
adhering to a strict environmentaly-conscious lifestyle.

Helbespera, the entire surface spread of artificial island cities and floating city clusters. beneath each floating island is a Town Sphere and most clusters are
regulated by a nearby Environmental Control Center per every two mile diameter while Deep Transit Terminals provide transportation to different floating
or submerged city structures.
Ohnezz Pacifico, the sea floor megacity superstructure that was originally designed to test the integrity of mythril.
Klaakhanor is the central city beneath a gargantuan pair of temperature-controlled domes, properly pressurized to help demi-aquatic individuals to adapt to land-based life.


10.Outhensland: (Depicted: Stupidity Ruins)

(Demonym: Foolhard )

An entire island country that has been upended by it's own inner conflicts of warfare between long-since fallen factions over a millenia past.
The country is so far removed from the reality of the outside world that other countries mutually disown it in it's present state as a land
without worthwhile value due to the constant, perpetual warfare that has been waging on it for no clear justifiable reason. Countless
generations of children have been born there, being raised there and died as full-grown soldiers without knowing much further purpose or
being remotely aware of an outside world existing past the shores of their continent.

All manner of fighting often causes so many exacerbations of conflict and betrayals and defections that it's presently assumed that at least
no less than 200 different factions could be warring at any given time in some pointless attempt to "win" a war that had already long since
gone far past it's point of relevance some distant time before the beings of present day knew what the original war was even about to begin with.
Their entire culture is nothing but war, military-style conflict and dealing death. Nothing more and nothing less.

Jarhead Undertown Districts, or the closest thing soldiers have to call a home. Bullet-ridden and bomb-hollowed building remains in shambles are the best these people have to shelter their families.
Irregulo Warbrain, a series of weapons development depots that are still semi-operational that some soldiers occasionally fight over as if it is some grand treasure, when in fact, the weaponry and gear
they can access is at least centuries-old technology from long since defunct companies that the majority of the people of Outhensland can barely understand how to operate or comprehend the function of.
Misguided Territory, or the single most suicidal locale on the face of the planet as it is a city consisting of a multitude of skyscrapers that are overrun with dozens of snipers per building with degrading
morale and sanity. The decreasing ability of each sniper to designate friend and foe apart at a distance makes the entire twenty-mile zone an absolute hell to any and all.



(Demonym: Dajiri)

A country that settled by happenstance on exceptionally valuable ore deposits and managed to become the foremost supplier of
both synthetics and metallurgy, producing the finest Iron, Steel and Titanium the world has to offer. They pride themselves on
most aspects concerning trade and production of metal to the point of most companies and towns being named in one portion or
another after some aspect of it, regardless of relevance.

The most common fact of all is that natives are easily able to afford the price of living due to being raised on the high standards
while foreigners can barely afford to buy a meal, let alone renting a hotel room without going bankrupt.

Ten'nō Tettoshi. (Shorthand of "Tengoku no tetsu toshi", meaning "Iron city of heaven") The southwest region of Dajirowe is home to an elaborate forttress city of Iron
and Steel. It is strictly governed, but the most standout tourist destination of the country. Travellers are heavily taxed just to sightsee their prized trophy-city as all services
here have inflated costs. The City's ruling body and prime minister are often referred to as "God of Taxes" for this very reason.
Tetsu no Sakura ( or "Aiancherītsurī", meaning "Iron Cherry Tree) An entire town district where 50% of the buildings are schooling and academy buildings without a single weapon
in sight due to imperial mandate. Most people living here require going through "Harem prevention courses" in order to prevent overpopulation.
Kami no Warai Hotel, A notoriously overpriced hotel chain...as it is the only one that exists in all of Dajirowe. The name is allegedly a jape at the customer's expense.
Shokko Hazai, (Bilingual corruption of "Home of Industrial Workers") Several mining colonies and cities of Metal workers scattered throughout Dajirowe.
Den of Lost Monks, An unusual location tucked away neatly off in a corner of a northeastern coastal town. Herin lies a "Hall of Sacred Dance" and a strange,
confined outer rear area marked with the number 18 twice on the same wall. The monks present at this place do not speak, leaving the significance unknown.
Jade Lagoon, a fishing district that is wide, deep and plentiful enough that most could easily live nearby the water and be set for life with even the weakest of fishing skills.
Due to the various locations present where fishing is possible and the settlements near them are located, it may be easy to miss that one can find the way to Venom Road starting just
to the south of a small pair of cobra statues between two hills.


12.West Eden: (Depicted: Path of Venoms - Skyroad)

(Demonym:Pathstrayer )

A rarely spoken-of path in myth and legends that stretches from the easternmost reaches of a country to the furthest west.
The start of the path is unguarded and no person is forbidden from walking on it, but the idea of making a journey on it is
highly discouraged at the risk of falling off. No person has suceeded in reaching the end in history since the time of the
great nexus disaster and it has been said that the only way to reaching the end to find West Eden is by walking the complete
path.... not that anybody in the right mind would since there has NEVER been said to be any reward for doing so.

Aurthursward, a location halfway through the run on the venom path that has been colonized, mostly by individuals who have either been forcibly turned back and/or injured and
unable to continue with many of those residing having taken up medical roles to aid others into recovery, particularly those that were forcibly sent back whom regularly end up crippled
and seriously injured upon return and requiring extensive care for months at a minimum to make a full recovery.

Heaven's Maw, what would seem to be the uppermost atmosphere which might cause a thinning of air is made moot because of whatever effects are present in this location where the path
upward begins to wind in a circular pattern. What is a logical impossibility only continues in the fact that the upper atmosphere continues being a blue and cloudy sky regardless of the time
of day or reduction of atmosphere from above.

The Gate Spire remains the final destination at the furthest west, being the absolute most silent of locations to the point that footsteps echoe into the distance easily, yet distant
thunderstrikes seen in the beyond make nary a sound. The atmosphere of the locations as a semi-dreamlike quality with the ethereal light structures above seemngly guiding those
that dare to the Forbidden Heaven Gate at highest peak. Those that cross *THAT GATE* into the Forbidden Realm Sanctuary without having the authority to be present are N O T
welcome to trespass under any circumstance.

Situated in this area:
Eden Gate Arc-Guardian
Whether or not one should even speak to this being, let alone approach or look in it's general direction is questionable seeing as the vanguard's entire purpose appears to oppose the will of those that approach.
Nothing further is known of this being.

The Sole Prisoner beyond the gate.
Somehow, this creature was rumored to have opposed and halted Habane and is responsible for half the destruction in Hawkehurst thousands of years ago, yet lacks any visible signs of being capable of such feats?


13.Vaken Sandsea: (Depicted: Vantille Westersands)

(Demonym: Vakeran )

Long before Invicta Imperium was ever colonized by non-demons, the rising of Mirran from the planet's crust left a gargantuan crater in it's wake
while crushed rubble in the pit left behind was worn away by winds and heat from the nearby Heimzekell with the tides of time. The Sandsea that formed
over generations was impressively vast, deep as well as practically verging on fluid thanks to the millenia of demon bones and corpses that only
added to it over several millenia during the endless territory conflicts.

The Nexus disaster only exacerbated the matters of the sandsea as the rapid colonization of the planet drove the native population almost in it's
entirety to the desert en masse while the majority of those that flocked there rapidly died down to a tent of their original count, their own
remains adding to the sands and the growing malice from their dying spirits choking the drifts deep down to their depths with cursed fury, breathing
an almost hostile life into the sandsea that regularly threatens travellers that pass through the most lively of regions.

Ganymeade Ruins, a two hundred mile long stretch of ruin to the farthest northeast that is much like a barrier between Hepsbisburg and the rest of Vaken.
Rotaswaille Estersand, The most consistently active sandea in the world, often much like an ocean amid a storm, yet twice as dangerous.
Skol-Boko Fortress, The Skull of Heimzekell's slain Demon Lord near the center Estersands marks the top of the massive underground fortress of Boko and Lizal demons.
Dredtcha Wastes is a massive section of calm sands due to massive, piercing spires that disrupt the flow of cursed instability.
Construktikus and it's sub-service transit stations in the stable sands are located in many places, offering shelter and engineering/repair services.
Ahnuubriak Centra has been the only worthwhile locale in all of Vaken for hundreds of years, the city housing the bulk of Vaken's civilization safely.


14.Geist crater:

What used to be a mountain was made a crater during the brunt of the conflict between two Monstrously Powerful beings who had torn portions of the continent apart
over the course of their fight. After the conflict ended, people attempted to colonize the crater, but later found the village inside the crater and town outside of it to be
haunted,leaving the entire populace to evacuate. The location has been abandoned ever since.


15.Vanity: (Depicted: The Lustraplex)

(Demonym:Vanissian )

An entirely predator-regulated area where absolutely no law enforcement exists outside of hired, private security. It is one of the most ecologically
balanced locations in all the world with almost no crime of note as any cases are practically immediately dealt with via predation of perpetrators before
any complete crime can be documented. It is a country run almost entirely on it's reputation for vices of lust, greed and gluttony while maintaining the
cleanest image of a predator's paradise.

Orcellos, the most ecologivcally advanced city on the planet with the majority of it's community structures interconnecting homes with shops and markets for most of it's populace.
The Lustraplex, a legendary pleasure multiplex unlike any other that has amassed a fortune in peddling all manner of vice unlike any place else on the planet.


16.Eclipse Plains: (Depicted: Haldowen Wastes)

The rest of the continental map that is unmarked is known as the Eclipse Plains. Unlike Delta_Prysm, there is barely any colonized
area outside of the major countries. This is due to the disparity on societal and governmental views between the continents on predation.

Outer Rim of Kannendra has a few small villages located beyond it's border wall.
Faulkner's Point is far east of Merlscape. The cliffside airstation there is the only rapid transit air service in the region.
Everelvaan is the reservation for all remaining elves after their population was culled even farther beneath demonkind. It is the lowest population settlement
located much northeast of Phayon Heights

Primus Valley is located north of Hepsbisburg where the exit of the Fariscinnett Underterra colony can be found.
Solaris Plains is a vast land of fertile soil due to catching much drizzle and misting water runoff from the sky continent above and being balanced between two
extreme temperate zones of the ocean and a desert. It is far-west of the Vaken Sandsea.

Morduchus is a swamp-town populated mostly by lizard and amphibian-like creatures just due north of Heimzekell whhere plant life first meets water deep inland.
Anima Undershore is located far northwest and is full of old spire structures that were early attempts to connect the sky country of Mirran to land. It mostly sits
in the country's shade day in and out.

Battalion Wall Hazzitat is series of towering, fleet-wrecking cannons situated a mile inland of shore surrounding the entire continent as a continental defense system.
Devikhorskalchron is a town named after the Deity that died defending said town from Habane. It's imposing remains still hold steady, towering above the town like a
statue. It is situated due West of Phayon Heights.


17.Spekklon: (Depicted: Nexus Cluster station #II0347)

(Demonym: Spekklion)

The greatest minds in all the Nexus converged at this singular location, putting forth all their knowledge and engineering talents to not only
save the nexus from disaster, but also to found a country supported by raw intellect and research ahead of any external concepts of culture.
While it is technically the most advanced country on the planet as far as scientific advancement, they engage in more practical measures in
ensuring the protection and well-being of the nexus more often than not instead of selfishly hoarding their knowledge.

Eight Four, the capital of Spekklon, so named based on it's geographic map location. It is intensely active at all times of day and night with all it's populace
working on a clockwork daily routine which rarely changes for the smoothest operating efficiency possible. Life here is a comittment to fitting in and not
disrupting the cycle. Most of the country's famous super-libraries are found here.

Everengine Terminals are the sole location of nearly-indestructible rapid railway transports that serve exclusive use in Spekklon due to lack of sufficient materials
to manufacture more outside of Spekklon's borders as the engines and rails were built with items from now-dead areas beyond the Nexus.

Kremgeinaught, City at the highest peak of land in Hawkehurst and the the least social due to the reclusive nature of the single-minded engineers that reside there.

Preccion Corecity is the primary network city that engages in politics external to the immediate concerns of Spekklon. The appearance of the city is intentionally
designed to be oppressive to disorient, discomfort and exhaust outsiders from attempting to exert their will on the natives. Most of Spekklon's counter-intelligence
operatives and spies are also trained here.

Transmission Fields are located all around Spekklon with comminication dish arrays set up all around in order to maintain contact with other worlds within the Nexus.
Many that were damaged in the old Nexus conflict are still in ruin due to some worlds having been laid to waste, but others are undergoing repair.


00A. Wanderers:
Wanderers and/or nomads are those who travel Hawkehurst for their own personal reasons whether noble, impure,
misguided, just plain devoid of purpose or left unclear to the observer.

Not all wanderers have the same goals or even have the same path of travel, nor do they always share any kind of
common interest. They may be kind, disinterested, afraid or outright dangerous, but one should never be expected
to see a limited supply of them. They are not very uncommon, though some specific wanderers are exceedingly rare. Here
are a few examples of such wanderers:

The Perpetual Headhunter
This being appears seemingly at random and with no provocation, attacking capable individuals without a clear motive before moving on to locate the next target.
The frequency of their appearances and which locations is hard to track and harder to predict. Nothing more than this is known.