(Warning: Sound may be L O U D.)
((((((PLEASE ))))))

Name: Son Son

(Pronounced: Sahn / Sahn)

AKA: -
Species: Wukong
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 2" or 155 cm
Weight Class: mid (???)
Occupation: Local Sanctioned/Requisitioned Wukong
Weapon Preference: Anything so seen fit.
Alliance: Chaotic Neutral
Nemesis: Habane, Arkkanoa

Habitat: West Eden
Danger Types: Unprovoked Hostility
Advantages: Zero weaknesses


A "Natural Wukong" from Dimension 2, Universe 31 of the G'Enwu Reality that had found her
entire home univers snatched into the Nexus supercluster. While she initially did not have much
concern, she eventually encountered the instigator of the act and came into such conflict with
her that the settlement world of Invicta_Imperium took advantage of Son Son's outrage and
lead her into a trap, confining her in West Eden after Habane had been pacified from Son Son's
biblical thrashing.

Here in this heavenly garden, Son Son remains, mostly pacified in a partially-drunken stupor
from feeding upon the overwhelmingly intoxicating nectar within the forbidden peaches that
grow there. Rarely ever does Son Son attempt escape as the only entrance into and out of the
garden is protected by Arkkanoa, a being that an inebriated Son Son can NEVER contend with.

Item: Text

Item: Text

Red Risk - "Heavens Shouting Magic":
Anything in direct/straight line of Son Son's mouth at the time she shouts will be instantly transformed into what she speaks.


A firm believer of having some