(Warning: Sound may be L O U D.)
Name: Krasavitsa Ubiytsa

(Pronounced: crah-sah-veet-sah - oo-beet-sah) - Google it. You'll figure it out.

AKA: Ubiytsa, Bytsa, Eetsa, Huntress, Savage, Kaidra

(note: Responds to all of the names listed, but 'Kaidra' is particularly offensive unless she is
familiar with the speaker. It is the simply the name engraved into the spear.)

Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Height: Roughly 5 feet.
Weight: Unknown
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Occupation: Perpetual Hunter
Weapon Preference: Spears, Polearms
Alliance: True Neutral

Eclipse Plains
Danger Types: Immediate Vicinity Mauling
Advantages: Night Vision

Impossible to chart.

At first glance, her figure appears pure and full of soothing light,
flowing blonde locks of hair cascading downward to meet her fair skin.
The woman's eyes peircing with a haunting, blue gaze that could penetrate
even the deepest of darkness and chill the most blazing of flames.

Ceremonial markings dot her cheeks and forehead with a tribal headband
snug fit to soak up stray sweat, tucked neatly behind elven ears to
the back of her head while a large-plumed ponitail restrains a cascade
of blonde locks, flowing behind her in an ever-expanding spread of silk
that blows gently in the breeze.

Her figure is lithe and sleek, clad in a strong weave of cloth fibers knit
together from the hides of several creatures sturdier than even she herself
while her hands clutch gently upon the pole of her tassled spear, the entire
length of which being so light in weight and smooth in polish that it's forge
could easily pass as a make of pure titanium with the pole simply being painted

Every step of her strides, while light and nearly soundless, would easily blind
even the most careful observer to the grim reality of it's meaning. Such silent
steps are most well-reputed as belonging to a particular type of person or creature.

Perhaps a Killer?

Or even an Assassin?

In the end, no matter how one would want to think on it, if her sights are set upon you, she will only become
your Predator.

Ubiytsa's origin is entirely unknown aside from her frequent hunting locations which she
travels to. Her history in the nexus is replete with hunt after hunt scattered across the
various locales that dot the ever-changing worlds of the Nexus.

Before the time of the Nexus having become host to the many various populations that
inhabited it, Ubiytsa had been an ever-present entity that made the barest of interference
within it that would cause any large-scale adverse effects on history or the local environment
she inhabits, often lingering in the areas of the Paradox Highlands in the manner of wild beasts
and creatures rather than any other normal person.

Her reputation and presence is vividly and notoriously single-minded, so much so that even a passing
glance tells the tale. Hunting and surviving for self-preservation and doing so without a relince
on others to make her way is nearly the entirety of her presence, moreso even than deities of old
as each of her actions ring symbolic of a nature deeply-rooted in the nexus itself.

Her name and visage is synonymous with the very act of hunting, eons of experience of pracicing and
performing the act hving ingrained into her person to such a point that to many, it would appear
on the surface that there is nothing left but the raw insinct that operates her body subconsciously.
How true that supposition is has never been contested for all her centuries walking the Nexus and
even more curious is her lack of interest to counter the notion.

The very nature of her personality was always both distant and solitary. This distance and solitude
well-kept for such a long period of time purely to defend herself from the threat of being attacked.

While oftentimes docile and passive, keeping her distance from most other humanoids, she is far more
active and alert in the presence of creatures and individuals who are even the slightest less than
human. At those times, she is often known to prowl and attack almost without provocation, usually
treating such types as half-breeds, anthros and full on monster no differently than wild game, hunting
them for food and wasting no time at all devouring them once sufficiently restrained.

As she is consistently a solitary being, she never actively engages communication first, but is both
capable of speaking with a complete and well-educated vocabulary with full, perfect grammar, which
apears at odds with her appearance for those that think her to be feral. Strangely, this results in
extreme confusion as many that do engage her in any form of communication routinely make the same
mistakes of treating her as if she is somehow 'special' when she never makes any efforts or displays
of being any more unique or socially superior to any other individual. Even Ubiytsa herself sees no
such particular distinction and is fast to point it out to anybody foolish enough to ask, her mind
mostly simple and to-the-point so as to not complicate matters for her simple day-to-day life.

While Ubiytsa is mostly and majorly a predator, She may be prey to a certain select predators who are
capable of outfoxing her instincts as she relies far more on instinct than muscle power or other means.

She posesses the same level of physical strength of the average humanoid and posesses no innate powers or natural
abilities too much further beyond that.

Ubiytsa's primary talents lie in her running/sprinting, climbing, swimming and evasive speeds as well as her
ability to locate and track down hidden or escaping prey.

In terms of combat efficiency, many predators outrank her and she only has an upper hand on predators provided
she has spotted them before they spot her as she relies far more on stealth, cunning and the element of surprise
than actual fighting. Her experience with handling many of the same prey over and over has resulted in a large deal
of familiarity to which she can better gain a tactical edge against her prey.

She is adapted to the various and nearly countless realms within the Nexus, having hunting her prowess adept in many
different environments from the Arctic to the Desert. Climates and environments from Tundras, Forests, Caves, Mountain
ranges, Jungles, urban landscapes and even underground sewers offer her many particular advantages that most younger
and inexperienced predators often fail to utilize for their benefit.

Born Ready:
Even as her build and body frame is unremarkably humanoid and her full range of known feats resemble that of
any other human's, she does exhibit a far greater proficiency for hunting than almost any other creature that had
emrged into the nexus after her. In fact, her proficiency in hunting alone is so great that it's far more likely
that it is a natural, innate function of whatever humanoid species she is rather than experience as the rate of her
speed to adapt to a rapidly-changing situation is practically instantaneous.

Conscious Instinctive Lock:
Her biology mostly resembles that of any ordinary human with no shapeshifting capabilities or links to any other
known creatures. Regardless of this fact, she exudes the ever-present sense of being prepared to hunt so long as she
is conscious, as if she is as dangerous as the Nexus itself.

Her spear is pure titanium and possesses only one glaring and terrifying attribute. The spear itself while with no
mechanical gadgetry or magical enhancements has a slight imperfection in its curve that has a tendency to snag on veins
if it glances them.

While this doesn't sound immediately menacing, it does have a particularly awful effect on those who have even the slightest
blood pressure level 'beneath high and above mid'. It is astonishingly rare, but at the precise level of pressure indicated
will not only snag a vein, but drag, knot and clot instantly with the following heartbeat, instantlybursting the corresponding
largest blood vessel nearby and cause internal hemorrhaging.

The reason for this is entirely neurological of the prey she hunts, mostly when there exists a sense of false confidence with
those she chases and precisely when they have some sort of 'runners high'. Even though this is rare and she never tries to
trigger this to occur, it has a tendency to happen more often to larger prey such as dragons, titans or behemoths and usually
around the neck.

Archon Plates:
It is no secret that she has no natural gifts for magic. Beneath her gloves are two distinct infused plates that are fastened
to the backs of her hands with simple cloth binding.
The plate on her right hand is a simple Unifying Magnetic bond that can summon her spear back to her hand from a distance of two
hundred feet away.

The plate on her left hand is a low-grade triple fixture, Allowing her to conduct a mid-strength variable wattage of electricity
through any metal, rapidly agitate molecules on the air nearby for minor combustion or reduce the speed of all hydrogen molecules
in air nearby to cause rapid freezing to any surface she touches.

As the plate is basic quality and low in grade, she cannot cast projectiles from them or change the effects of the plates, making
them only useful to her in limited situations, even at close range. For her, the magnetic plate is a far more frequently-utilized
tool than the triple-fixture as most magic users in the Nexus have far more evolved capabilities and greater command to such points
that they can easily nullify and cancel out it's effects as the plates themselves are incredibly old, outmoded and lacking in
sufficient stopping power for even her most commonplace of hunts.

Bull Blunter:
Her constant hunts over such a great history has rewarded her over the many years, her very clothing woven together from parts
of the toughest hides that have ever to pass through the Nexus. Most cutting and slicing weapons that strike her and hit her
clothing will rapidly dull the edges of even the sharpest of blades., even the occasional Sai and Rapier may bend or snap unless
they strike true to her exposed skin.

Deception Step:
Her body is mostly pure muscle with almost next to no excessive body fat while her weight is so light that her movement and stride
carries sound far lower than a whisper, even at fullest sprint. Her physical strength may not be too impressive and her combat
durability may be in question, but both her weapon and clothing more than make up for those losses so her speed can be greatly

With her weight so light and stride so silent, the act of casting a stone when unseen to bewilder and distract her tagets is
infinitely more effective a tool to than with any other.

Instant Assessment:
As she is neither invincible nor unstoppable and only skilled in hunting, she has grown impressively adept at calculating
probability of self-harm. At a distance of nearly a hundred feet, she is able to size up her target to tell whether or not
she can or cannot take it down with the very aspect of her inner instincts alone.

There are occassions where she makes miscalculations in her assessments and the very instant she comes to such a conclusion
during a hunt occurrs when she is making physical contact with her target.

For her, the occasional struggle or fight is reasonable and at times accepted, but as her strength lies more in hunting than
combat proficiency, she will always go for the most surefire way to quickly subdue her prey available.

Should she ever detect that her calculation was massively underestimated in such a manner that her own chances of survival
dives far beneath her limits for acceptable chances, She will immediately lose all interest in viewing her target as 'prized'
and resort to making every effort possible to secure a safe escape. It is at this pont that She is at her absolute most lethal,
cunning and swift, often creating horrifying situations for those that fail to capitalize the instant after she has realized this.

((Warning: Because of the very nature of how this character works, this is a "possibility" that must exist in-scene by default,
so you must ask in advance to have this "possibility" removed completely.... Which effectively nullifies a massive portion of
why this character is even here. You will know when this point is reached when the Eyecon change to the R E D indicator.
If you are consenting to an RP, you are also consenting to this chance factor unless you specifically ask in advance before starting the
rp for this "Possibility" to be removed. If you are reading carefully, you will have already understood why.))

Native Adaptation:
Her body has grown naturally more efficient over time in the Nexus, having adapted much like those countless others with the means to ingest whole beings orally, anally and sexually. She is no different, capable of nurturing her own body by feeding off of others. How much she is able to absorb from her prey directly determines how much of them will be left behind as waste. As such, if she is virtually undisturbed, focused and lucid for an extended duration of time, it is very much possible that she is capable of absorbing entire beings and leaving no waste whatsoever. Her adaptation in this regard has also resulted in the unwanted effect of her movement speed and silent movement being negatively impacted if she is presently full of food or still an hour fresh after finishing her most recent meal off.

A firm believer of having some
Roleplay Preferences (Click here for explanation)

As PredAs Prey

Being PredBeing Prey Always/Love
Never/Dislike There is no softness, gentleness, kindness or happy fun here. Only pain and excruciating death.
Don't ask for reforming. I don't want any relationships and there will never be ownership/mistress
/pet/slave/family relationships. Ever. Period.
Surprise Me Always/Love
Never/Dislike .
If you can think about it, I've probably already done it and possibly already have gone beyond it.
Rudeness Always/Love
Never/Dislike I reserve the right to decline a scene with you if you are personally offensive or otherwise OOC'ly acting
incredibly immature. I am not fond of players who behave inconsiderately towards others.
Attention to detail Always/Love
Never/Dislike I reserve the right to decline you or end a scene if I feel you are either too often losing sight of what
is integral to a scene or otherwise seem to be willfully ignorant of the scene's progression or actively
working against it.