i use the BST timezone for those curious.

rps i have interest in doing

snake vore, probably with some mind control and other stuff
i am also looking to do a long term/ish vampire rp with elements of bondage etc.
i am also seeking to expand the hungersservants
also if talking dirty is your thing vore_dirty_talk

(( i am very whisper freindly so come for a chat, stay for the rp.
(( i am open to perma and temp play. feel free to enquire.

the description.

height varies.

wight varies.

intention, to grow the power of self and become the most powerful god through the willing, or not consumtion of mortals.

for i am the alpha, and the omega, i was there at the begining of the universe and i will there at the end. the type of pred i am is an etheral one, i am the embodiement of hunger and the need to consume.
due to me being hunger incarnate i am worshipped by mortals who bring me offerings to sate me. due to this i am capable of all types of vore.
these vore types are dependant on the form i take, the most common is soft oral, though that changes on an rp to rp basis.

i will consume anything deemed as cute to show them the world is not sunshine and rainbows, the world is not a nice place, for i am the best example of it being a dog eat dog world.
the reason why i take interest in gutsluts is because i can store them eternally in the maze which is my gut. i also take interest in them as i have a slight preference for willing prey

even though i perfer the meat of females i do consume males every so often, though i am more picky on consuming males as they lack the sweetness of females.
just because i perfer female prey i will consume anyone, and i mean anyone for even though females sate me the most, my hunger can never truly end so i must hunt inperpetuam.

i have a preferance for human prey, though i will also happily consume demis and anthros as meat is meat, all are welcome to offer themselves or another to be consumed.
if you are a "gutslut" and want to serve me or time in my endless gut, whisper as i am sure to answer your prayers as i am always seeking more servants.

due to me being part of a patheon, i am secound only to death in terms of power. this is because i won a bet against in relation to how many times i can consume a specific mortal
this win had ended with me gaining substantial influence amoung the others. they can be found here thepanteonofalts for more information.

i also have a preference for willing prey as they taste sweeter than those who are not, though if someone fight to try and stop the ineviatble.
there smell of fear will also make me more likely to toy with them more as i prepare to consume them.

my natural form is somewhat incomprehensible to the human mind, sometimes i adress my subjects directly, mostly through telepathy. this is done to direct my servants
this is done so my servants do not go insane with their new knowlage of the arcana which i have in my possesion. i exist on a plane of existence which is rarely accessed by mortals
those who i bring to my plane are to be used by the twins as they see or are either gifted and toyed with.

the plane seems to appear as a massive hall with a map table in the centre of the room, this map is the mortal worlds we place shrines and other interesting things on it to send them to mortals, gifts or otherwise around the circumfrance is our respective thrones.
we interact with the map as to place shrines to increase our influence amongst mortals. what exists beyond this hall is a forest, past that is unknown.
but we are fearful of what lies within. and my may frighten a god you may ask, god knows.

i also have the ability to alter the world to my, or my gods wills, this can be shown in various form such as vore being accepted, gifting people higher libido.
other effects of my influence is that the more people worship me, not only the more powerful i become. i also take requests on this matter as when someone asks for a specific wish i will grant it to them, for a price.
that price is they will willingly sacrifice themselves to me as i have claimed thier soul.

the way i consume my prey directy is through the use of avatars (also a disclaimer for MealOfTheDay, if the logs arnt here, please check the alts)
notable forms i have taken or been known to take

i also have a more corporeal form jormanhunger
i have recently merged with the twins_of_lustto form the new being sexual_hunger

various scps 096 theshyguy , 682 hardtokillreptile, 323-A (wendigo skull wearer), scp 101 (hungry bag), scp 169 (the leviathan)
scp 939-c withmanyvoices scp 575 preddarkness scp_1155 (predatory street art)
snakes, mypythonalt (personal favourite)
large feral animals
a regular person male. (cannibal varients have been recently sighted)
vampire snakes
various dinosaurs, carnosauras, trex, raptors and many others
a large, carnivourous blob.
giants and other large hominids
jormangundr, the world serpent
future_predators ( if you get where this is from, you are immediatly brilliant)
terror birds
massive spiders.
various plants with a taste for female meat.
i will also play robots
scarab swarms, among others with a taste of female flesh usually a i control them as amutia
sea anemones
the splinter fleet of hive fleet behomoth known as The_devilish_maw
the great ork warlord, nargrunt_umiechewa of the goffs and part of the waaaaaaagh of the great beast of armageddon
if you want something to be added, tell me and i might just make an alt for it

things i like playing as

snakes or anything capable of binding its prey with vines, coils, you get the idea
the blob

due to this being a customisable character. i will rp with pretty much anyone.

there is a shrine devoted to me, where the local town worship me as thier diety, this is in the deepest forests in west virginia, there is small sect devoted to me in NYC and in massetusets. ( it can be moved depending on the seting and not nessesary)

if you want a specific alt or character to be permad, dont be afraid to whisper, i must disclose that i do not enforce this.
just note i cant be permad. but can permavore/endo. send me a PUB, saying which you want endo or digestion then we discuss a fitting scene

here are some cool_people you guys should check out. each one listed has my personal reccomendation

scenario ideas

i am a local god and you bring me morsels as to test your loyalty,
i take over your mind and consume you
you get offered to me.

check thehungersperma for permanent victims
check hungersservants for servants (( here is the list i seek to sxpand))
check thehungersvictims for logs


though sometimes the real world drags you back to it, so if i abruplty leave, that is why.

turn ons and kinks i which can be included, varies per rp

soft/hard vore
coiling my prey, in tongues or tentacles, or anything regarding bongage
master/servant dynamic and powerplay is enjoyed but not needed
oral vore is a classic
though i am open to other forms of vore, just ask
humiliation, i like making sure my prey knows thier place, works with powerplay
multi prey
willing give youself unto me, for i am your new god
unwilling. no matter how much you fight you will never win
disposal, just coughing remains up
male/ female prey, slight lean to female prey, though meat is meat
i am open to do cooking vore
sex is also cool, scene dependant
GnG/ long term, either or. i dont mind
i also like transformation, feel free to suggest something
dominating submissive prey
magic and other worldly powers
affecting the enviro in the rp

turn offs




open = need i explain

LFRP = see current mood at top of page

pred/ prey = i am hunting, wanting to be hunted, varies per alt lean

away = i am doing something in the real world, may not be able to respond quickly

DND = i will be doing an rp, though i use it rarely

distracted = i have been pulled away from the screen, replies will be slow

IC = i am in character. so approah IC if interested

( i also love yoga pants and tight fitting jeans ( not wearing them though)