A 22 year old, formerly mute naga girl, just looking for friends! Oh, and she's definitely considered a 'lewdle' now.

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Character Stats

Age: 22

Weight: Easly over a ton by now (But we don't talk about that.)

Length (from tip of tail to human half): 51ft/16meters

Height (From top of head to beginning of tail part): 6.5ft/2.2 meters

Bust: CC cup

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (Sorry guys...)

A little bit of histroy perhaps?

Since the age of 8, she has been on the run. Why was such a little one out in the world you may ask? Well, when certain nagas get incredibly hungry, they'll eat their young to keep themselves alive and healthy. Carissa's original birth mother gave into her animal isntincts and tried to eat her up like she were just another prey, despite being the only offspring she had. Desperation does crazy things to a person! She ran ("slithered" Damn technicalities) from home to get away from her own family attempting to eat her. She was in desperation, in need of freedom to escape a fate of a slow, painful death. After this experience, she has vowed not to do this to anyone except for animals when she gets that carnivore instinct in her.

She was unbirthed by her new Mama!

Due to her being unbrithed by a far greater, stronger, and much more able predator, she too has gained her new mother's instincts to eat those that cross her path, but only if absolutely necessary.

Given that she has no father and no siblings at all with either family, she has never really come across males in her life as much as most other girls, she gets very shy and nervous. Perhaps she could meet a new friend or two along the way, hopefully their not overly perverted or anything along the way. Horror stories told to her by friends and family seem to make this little one terrified from now and then.

But what about others? And what have they contributed to her growth?

Recent events prove that Carissa has been growing. When she was 13 years of age, she obtained somebody who will always mean the world to her, Her big sister. Well... Adopted big sister that is. They mutually adopted each other!! A 'little' Catanautical. She tries to teach Carissa important lessons. Like how to be a ferocious predator! However, she also has taught her 'little' sister some tricks of adapting to her surroundings. Teaching her how to swallow others whole. For protection of course! Or... Perhaps something more lewd?

One day Carissa was wandering the world and actually ran across somebody quite huge, who didn't want her to be alone when Anicia or Cata wasn't around. She now has a God(dess) Mother!

Carissa has a girlfriend now. Her dragon that burns in her heart with fiery passion. Nothing can ever separate them

A certain someone~

So, Carissa is taken now. She has a lil' wifey. In by lil' I mean she's like, bigger, but not much bigger? Regardless, Carissa spends more time inside Alissa_Harper than she spends outside. How these two met? Well it was a simple meeting really. One said hi to the other, and well... Alissa decided to gobble up Carissa. It took no time for these two to fall in love. Their names even rhymed for crying out loud. So, after Carissa got her form back and all was fine and dandy, Carissa decided to go back for more and kept doing so over and over. Intimate swallowing and pleasuring. And hand-holding... And watching movies... "Yeah Alissa is pretty great, isn't she?~"

The gift of her life~

Melissa_Harper was found by Carissa at an orphanage. Melissa was essentially the best thing that ever could have happened to Carissa in her rather extravagent life. Of course, Melissa wasn't just going to be adopted, but Carissa took the little one into her own womb for a bit. When she was released, she was given some of Carissa's astounding traits. Such as that hunger she contains, and maybe a bit of influence on the scales. Regardless, Carissa would die for her 'smol' noodle. Nothing will ever separate them.

Another instance of pure bliss

Aurelie_Harper Started out as simply, NecromancerChan, alas... She just had to come across a horny Carissa, and the snake girl didn't show that mage/lich any mercy once so ever. Carissa without much of desire for a breakfast instead went right to the chase, either proclaiming that Aurelie was going to become a puddle, food, or a noodle with a big sister and two great mothers. The embrace was an emotional one. Turning a centuries old mage into a somehow even more powerful lamia mage. Of whom, she'll be teaching Carissa just how the magics works. More to come, eventually~


Aurelie_Harper, Melissa_Harper : My precious lil' noodles~
Queen__Ghidorah : Adoptive Sister
Upita : Girlfriend
Berry_Dino : My pet~
Siana_Talath : Soon-to-be Daughter. Still in there~
Alissa_Harper : Wifypoo~
Niyellie : Lovely addition to these fine coils~