Alt list for Soffix and related characters. Soffix himself is pretty darn nommable, but the alts tend to be fully pred. Just a preference I have, and they all function equally as well in a non-vore setting, so please don't fret about it if you're fully pred yourself or don't like vore or something.

If you want to see any of these alts, and I'm in the mood (Which I most likely am, so don't worry), just message any of the alts and ask... oh, and be clear, so I don't get horrifically confused. Any questions, ask 'em at the bottom!

I don't play just vore, and I don't play just pred/prey, either. If there's someone you like for non-vore reasons, I can very well play non-vore scenarios. If you are a pred who likes a pred of mine, for example, there are others things we can do... go hunting together, or example, or feed one another. Infinite possibilities!

If you would like to send a message to any alt, give them a PUB to Soffix... if you would like to leave a general message or comment for any alt, and please do, use the shoutbox belowwwww~... <3

Soffix: My "Main" if you will. A male white tiger, cute but also snarky and prone to using teeth and claws if he needs to, but would be my persona if you see it that way. A vore-neutral character. Quite a switch at times.

Soffix also has a tendency to be altered, experimented upon, and/or transform. Player enjoys transformation not for the process, but for the final result. As such:


If you're interested in a transformation-type event, just ask.

/// Commonly played characters ///

Lizzy_Mouse - One of the three mouse cousins, she is more of the "City mouse", a cute and very sweet pink-eyed mouse girl with thick glasses and a geeky, high-pitched, squeaky mouse voice, she has a knack for building gadgets and gizmos and it's unknown what she's up to at any given time.

Tissel_Mouse - One of the three mouse cousins, she's the "Goth" one of the bunch... corset, fishnets, palest fur/skin, black hair. She's well known for her large breast size, and tends to be a bit of a bully, though she's real quite nice underneath... she just has a penchant for playing dom with others.

Xander_Vexus - A famous(?) rabbit stage magician, Xander knows many a trick he can produce with just his wand, top hat, and a few something-or-others. His favorite trick is making his volunteers and assistants "Disappear", in the kind of way that involves potentially "Reappearing" later, albeit perhaps in a slightly altered form.

Irus - A naga librarian (Fully scaled, mind you, no human half), he both owns and lives in a scenic old library, free of charge or taxes due to legal loophole. Lucky thing he's a frightening and threatening creature, it keeps the officials away. He still has to operate the library, though, so local teens sometimes visit for the urban legend appeal.

Avira - A vixen... and also a witch! Likes to play around with magic powders, having amassed a huge repertoire of all kinds of colors and effects, mostly dealing with transformation. If she encounters a human or demi, odds are they'll be gifted with one at some point.

/// Sometimes played characters ///

Coora: A cute, slightly fattish raccoon girl with thick glasses... without them, she might as well be blind! Has taken up being a chef in a small deli, with her busty mouse assistant, Tissel.

Katheryne - Also goes by Kath. A purple female bat, masochistic. Lives on a unique planet called Dawring, very dusky and foreign and a wonderful place to visit and sightsee. Quite submissive and reluctantly enjoys to be played with, especially with claws and/or teeth. Generally non-vore.

Muffy_Mouse - A naive, small mouse anthro. Quite thin, she often goes for walks in the park, not usually understanding what consequences could be a result. Of course, much to Dina's enjoyment, her sister seems to reappear with absolutely no memory each time she "Disappears".

Heralse - A crocodile lad with quite a hunger for various creatures. Can tend to be a bit smug at times. Quite the tease, the large and muscled reptile, his fascination with mammal skin, fur, and bodies generally ends with a full croc belly.

Barretta - A crocodile babe, and Heralse's sister. Notable for her trips to watery places, and her foot-long tongue. She tends to be the seductive type when taking her little snacks, as opposed to her brother's more brutish ways.

Siladramin - A dark gray jackal queen, in the Anubis-style, sealed in time since her ancient Egyptian days. A bit of magic behind her, she mostly has adapted to the new and strange world by collecting slaves and pets, an amazing world of her creation, made to mimic her origins, hidden away from the rest of the world.

Rebecka - A sweet pink-and-black lizard girl, as well as a model for the vore-interest magazine article "The Lizard's Tongue". Featured inside are pictures of Miss Becka gulping down foodstuffs with her lovely model tongue, usually cakes and other sweets. No other critters, though (Consciously, at least)! It's a... "Softcore" and certainly legal sort of magazine.

Misnyala - Large, incredibly built and muscular black pantheress, originally plucked from the Amazon for a royal position as a palace guardian. Entrusted with the protection of the world from such evildoers as Siladramin, she too was sealed in time, as a counter against the jackal's magical skills, to protect it in the future.

Myrrh - A hot, but nerdy

Rizza - Meek snow leopard girl with braces working in a greasy fast food pit. Very cute and cuddly though she has terribly low self-esteem. Generally a non-vore character, reserved for cuddles and other lighthearted activities.

Duness - A desert-living sabertooth tiger, stalwart but friendly, living in her own personal oasis in the center of a swirling sandstorm... though she works to upkeep her paradise, she finds ways to keep her tiny world entertaining, making journeys out into small towns around the desert when she needs to.

Shill - A male Dawring bat shaman, with mysterious dom mannerisms and abilities. His shaman position is an extremely high one... much like a mystical CEO of a company, his public status earns him all the harem girls he could ever desire, as well as an untapped, soul-based magical power.

Phoebe_Ferret - A pink-furred, black-haired ferret girl, with an unusually potent digestive system... from childhood to the present day, she has been plagued with an impossible hunger and the ability to melt down hundreds of pounds of meat in the span of 5-10 minutes. Understandably, she makes enough money to support her diet from research projects.

Sesa - A very dark-skinned, brown-furred African bunny princess. Given large command (But little work to do) over her land, the bunny spends most of her time roaming distant and foreign lands with her two faithful bodyguard jackal boys at her side, and spends a very unroyal amount of time lazing.

Syltma - A demoness kangaroo of horrific cruelty and power... though she has a pouch, it is one place you'd really rather not be. Those unlucky enough to cross her, or often unlucky just to encounter her, will be defeated and digesting in seconds flat. Those even less lucky will be condensed, fused to her being (Often inside of her pouchflesh) while still sentient, and used parasitically to further her great power...

Sara_Liliana - A goth bunny with lots of piercings. Bookworm, meek and mild-mannered, she snapped from all the bullying she received, and went quite off the opposite end of the spectrum, finding peace with herself at last... though in quite the morbid way.

Wisteria - An amateur ferret wrestler girl who fights for the fun of it, being energetic by nature. Her mediocre attention span causes the carefree girl to pick fights, usually with strangers, though she does so in a very playful way. Rarely does she inflict any kind of actual harm (Unless they decide to fight back!), and simply lets them go when they're done. For serious combatants, things may get a bit more... interesting.

Sirillo - An avian anthro, with wings and a beak and such. He was once the singer of a popular rock band, since disbanded, and shows off his vocal talents when he can. He has a very refined enjoyment of food and being fed... and taking pets, if he can have any luck with that. Just call him Siri, if you must, and don't call him "Sir". He'll take that literally.

GarrettFox - A toned gym trainer, but lazy and easygoing at heart, the sweet and sultry Garrett heads to the park after every long, hard day, to bask in the sights and meet its frequenters.

Kuraje - A cursed bat, covered with tattoos from head to toe, Kuraje works constantly to improve her physical skill, gaining the power of her defeated opponents with each win.

Pandryairal - A distant world populated by dragon anthros and cut off from the rest of the world, multiple characters are contained within.

Syxel - An orange Siberian tiger, Syxel long ago abandoned his busy city life, moving into the forests around the park, taking refuge in a temple, remodeling it to a modern abode, and retreating to a life of meditation and physical self-improvement. The end result was a very streamlined creature, thin but powerful, and stealthy... the tiger began to show off his cruelty, going so far as to kidnap forest hikers, to keep as worshippers to sate his ego and physical needs.

Aodhari - While distinctly not a part of "Soffix_Alts", per se... he is more appropriately the villain of the group, by whatever way the group is connected. A large, powerful demigod of a black panther, he has an obsession with exerting his power and hypnosis upon the lands he will inevitably conquer.







/// Need reworked ///

Ragus: An icky, nasty and definitely unclean, pudgy rat of a pred. She quite enjoys smooshing her preys or general victims and forcing them to do pretty disgusting things. Lives in a cavern of other icky rats, male and female, underneath the city.

Dina_Mouse - Muffy's sister. As opposed to her sister, Dina is a good five inches taller, and much stronger. For fun, she sometimes feeds her sister to creatures for her own... personal enjoyment. Trim, but a lot tougher than she looks, able to take most preds with ease should they be silly and try anything.

Farion: Another white tiger, but a female... quite the sweetie, she is a balance of niceness and rough domination-itude. How fun. At her disposal is a strange, pink medallion capable of numerous things, though she's still in practice with it. Vore-neutral... usually.

Noxia: A black lizard girl, specifically of the "Nightlizard" species. Rather mean and dominating, a gland in her body produces a nonlethal poison found in her skin oils and saliva. She also has a two-foot tongue.

Oh, and characters I have but are not available on the chat. Again, if you're interested, ask.

Toko - A feral wolf girl found in the forest... she doesn't know a lot of words, but boy is she cute.
Roo - A kangaroo girl... even outside of vore, enjoys a little pouch-stuffing and wrestling. Clich├ęd, bahaha?
Gray - Male gray lion who enjoys taking pets, a lot of stamina!
Star - Leopard girl, with ultraviolet tattoos of stars and symbols from head to toe.
Misi - Red-eyed black cat with a fetish for storms.
Aurine - White squirrel doctor girl.
Catnip - Kitty cat... white, and with rabid fangirl tendencies!
Ven - A meek bat boy, has an obsessive taste for females, sometimes too far...
Lunare - A white tiger warrior goddess.
Cocoa - A very excitable ebony demi-catgirl.

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