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Character list! (Updated May/5/2020)

*= indicate related characters, such as different forms

˥= Special. Left out of alphabetization on purpose to keep at top.

˥ Nibors_one_shots
Just as the name says, a profile for any and all one-shot characters I make. (Pred or Prey, depending on character.)

˥ The_C_Mansion
Where all these characters live, unless they have a physical home, as stated in each of their profiles. Is also a boarding house with menial (work-based) prices. (location)

˥ Obscuremon
Somewhat like the one-shots alt, but for all digimon not as popular in the fandom... especially in vore works.
˥ Yoshi_Rainbow
All yoshi characters have been moved to this list. Check here for them.

A birdo with scrambled memories and a magical emerald ring. (pred/prey, Mostly pred)

An anthro anteater with blue-black hair. Was mutated from a normal anteater by a discarded experimental substance (pred only)

A "starving artist;" Archie is a shoutmon whose singing has been met with harsh criticism since being pulled into Nexus. Will not hesitate to eat someone else. (Pred/Prey, mostly pred)

My Raptor character from Furvilla. I didn't use the site much, so I brought him here... where... I don't use him much... |\ (Pred/prey)

A yellow-eyed Axew with a love for hiking and a lateral lisp caused by his tusks.(break 'em, and the lisp vanishes) (Pred/prey, Mostly pred)

Grat Tuerin, a character based on the Yu-gi-oh monster "Baby Dragon" (Pred/Prey, mostly Pred.)

A turtwig whose dirt shell is like quicksand. Remarkably hardy; able to survive being stood on... at least until you start sinking. Then *you're* the one with the problem.(Pred only, and sadly, not very popular...)

A Lickitung exploration team leader with a green, saliva-soaked scarf. (pred/prey. Mostly pred)

A laid-back mouse-boy with a neutral mood towards being eaten. (Pred/prey. Mostly prey.)

A blue Kirbian. He can copy other character's abilities, and his stomach leads to a pocket dimension he calls his "Dreamscape" (Pred/Prey, Pred mostly)

A Blue Breloom. Tough and very territorial, but overall a "Fun guy" (Pred/Prey, Mostly pred)

A Cubone with a stretchy body, caused by a potion drunk in his childhood. (Pred/prey)

A Boo with attitude! Is friends with Koopat. (Pred only)

Along with his brother, Chad, this turtle is a comeback champ! (Either brother is both Pred and Prey, but I will only play them prey for friends.)

A Popplio with a split personality; Often lives up to his name, but slight him, and he's your worst enemy. Ate an Everstone and can't evolve. (Pred/prey. Mostly pred)

Kappa character. (Not the meme one) Just because.(Pred only)

A pink boo (from Mario Bros) Made of bubble gum. Has the uncanny ability to chew others as if THEY were gum. (In Soviet Russia...)(Pred/prey)

The (Adult) Hero of Time transformed into a bulbasaur. Still acts childish. His bulb is actually sentient. May now switch to ivysaur form, with indigo tunic. (Pred/Prey)

A southern cow anthro made especially for udder vore. (Pred only (for now) She came to me in a dream. Really.)

(Wanted to call it "L2", but character names can't have numbers.) The 7 Capsule Monsters from the original Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. Because they can be cute. I especially like Darbi... (Pred only)

Carter is my Guilmon character, his data has an error, which causes him to change into Zero (pred/prey, mostly pred)

* ZeroGuil
Zero is Carter's other side; Dark or evil? Even he's not sure... (pred/prey, mostly pred)

A Saiyan with red hair and an English accent. (Prey only)

A dream-world smeargle, pulled into the nexus. Do not interrupt him when he's painting. (Pred/prey)

An animate, sentient, and somewhat voracious Tepiggy bank. Digests prey into coins with their face on. (Pred only)

A Cramorant. Cause I just HAD to make a character of the "vore bird"! Is a birdbrain; doesn't notice when he scoops up someone swimming as not being a fish; and can't understand voices that are coming from his belly, thanks to the muffling effect of his fat. (Pred only)

A man who owns a chain chomp, despite the fact that he's terrified of it. (Owner is only prey, Chain Chomp is only Pred. However, expect violence from the Chain Chomp if you eat his owner)

A plush snake brought to life by a wizard's spell; has twinned it's own consciousness with that of its previous owner, Prusi. (Pred/prey. When Prusi is in control, prey only.)

A female pikachu. Sparks has a crush on her, but she doesn't return it. Is best friends with Gina. (Cracky is the "C" in what I call the "C-S-G" love triangle. Willing Prey only)

Feral Male mawile. (Pred/Prey)

The actual Damon character. (prey only)

* Teen_Damon
Damon as a teenager. (prey only)

A Sobble... or a Drizzile... or an Intellion. She can be used in any of the stages. :p (Pred only for now.)

The big, fat Bubble Dragon (And penultimate story mode boss) from Bust-a-Move '99/Puzzle Bobble 3 DX. Because fat. Also, bubble dragons are fun.(Pred only)

A deku scrub with an insatiable appetite, caused by his portal ride from Termina. (pred only)

A shiny delibird capable of bringing people back from being digested in her tail as various candy.(Pred/prey, Only prey to friends)

Fiddy and Kermit together. (See below)

A male Goodra. Since there's simply too many females out there. Played as a slime-dragon, not a slug-dragon. (pred/prey, very friendly)

The slime from the Dragon Quest series of games. Has superiority complex- feels compelled to consume anything cuter than he, (like a puppy, not in attractiveness) thinking them "competition." (Pred only)

* DQ_Dracky
The secondary mascot of Dragon Quest; the cartoony bat monster known as a Dracky. Uses his large mouth and cartoonishly stretchy body to swallow up prey mauch bigger than him. (Pred only, please)

* DQ_Jargon
One of the alcoholic fat dragons from Dragon quest. This one can stuff prey into his urn, where they'll melt like a snowman into flavored moonshine. Doesn't only drink his prey... (Pred only)

Originally an Easter-created character, this Buneary can use magic, which gets weaker the further from Easter and Spring it currently is, peaking on the holiday itself.(Pred/prey)

An elespider with stronger than normal electric powers, and eyes that change color with his emotions. (Pred only)

(Name is an anagram of redrum murder, as in a group of crows.) A cursed Murkrow; the curse being that he always tastes delicious to any who would try and eat him. Despite this, he's not a bad predator himself, but he IS a troll; often screwing things up just to get his laughs off of making them mad. (Pred/prey)

Meowstic siblings with polar opposite personalities. Esmond is the Ying, Esme(relda) the Yang.(Pred and prey)

A tribute character based on TDRI's mutant shark, Fang. (Pred only)

A small feral dinosaur with a magic horn (pred only)

A teddy bear with two glow sticks, two glow bracelets, and a glow necklace.(Pred only)

A Froakie with shapeshifting powers. (Pred/Prey)

Fuchs Iris Aubergine, otherwise known as Fuchsia. A river Zora (from Zelda) who likes to play pranks and can control water with his enchanted eggplant pendant.(Pred/Prey)

A panther-sized leopard gecko (Yeah, jumping on the bandwagon late, I know) with an absorbant tail. (pred only)

A Shy, cautious and timid female shiny Eevee. Is a crier. Best friends with Cracky; has a crush on Sparks (He also doesn't return it. The "G" in my "C-S-G" love triangle.)(Unwilling Prey only)

A giant orange snail with a green shell. Has a cramped shellstomach in addition to his regular one, and positively loathes humans. Can move much faster than a normal snail. (Pred only.)

A ghostabocky (From Kingdom Hearts 3D) with a big appetite. (Pred only)

A red-eyed goomba who learned about vore in the mushroom kingdom, and later on entered the Nexus after eating Mario and being chased into a portal by Luigi with a hammer. Is terrified of being eaten himself. Also is wary of big turtles.(Pred/Prey. Again, only prey to friends.)

A Reuniclus with a head problem; thanks to being fed too many rare candies by a previous trainer, his two brains never settled into his body, and as such, separated into light and dark attitudes; However, his "light" brain is a coward, and his "dark" brain is uncontrollable. He can only balance them very rarely. (pred/prey, depending on his current "situation")

Originally from Nibors_one_shots, this teen bought a plushie furdragon suit from the Plushie_Palace(that character is not controlled by me), and fell in love with it, never taking it off and as a result eventually starting to become his own creature, gradually. (Pred only, until he finds a way to reform)

Terry, a gluttonous Gargomon who gained the nickname "Gurglemon" from her friends. Has adopted an electric NanoSapien named Tesla, which she nicknamed "B-Razz" off the sapien's flavor. (Pred only. Tesla may be pred or prey.)

A German Hydreigon who thankfully knows English, but is a glutton. (Pred/Prey. Once again, only prey to friends.)

Hopkins from Animal Crossing. Yes, he's inflatable, (I mean, that air valve on the back of his head makes that pretty clear) but will try to convince people that he's not. If that doesn't work, though, there are also OTHER ways to keep his secret... (Pred only)

My ponysona. Imaginative vore writer. Tends not to go into too much detail in stories for fear of grossing out the others. (Pred/Prey)

Iggy Koopa from the Mario games. Originally made for a friend who plays Lemmy_Koopa, but still perfectly open for others. (Pred only/only prey to friends)

A banette with a mental problem: any new human (or anthro) he sees, he will automatically mark as the child who abandoned him, even if they aren't, which is commonly the case. However, once he swallows them down, they get an apology, and possibly friendship if they reform.
Now can be half-reaper, and as such will stare creepily at first as he reads your history.(Pred only)

Also originally in my one-shots alt, this inflatable kangaroo was made as a toy for vorephiles, and is very much alive. (Pred only)

A reformed Magikoopa (meaning he's not a bad guy) who wears turquoise robes and has an interchangeable wand. Travels with a living gummy koopa named Squishy.(Pred/prey, pred mostly.)

A Girafarig with the intelligent head being the one on the tail. The front head is a derp. (Pred only)

A kecleon who uses a sunny color scheme to go with his yellow belly band; also a traveling merchant who is adamant about being paid for his merchandise, one way or another.... Is constantly smiling, even when acting very dark. A spooky 'mon, to say the least. (Pred only)

Fiddy's brother. Acts more adult. Doesn't lisp. (pred only)

A shiny mudkip with an appetite bigger than his stomach. Good thing he stretches. (Pred/Prey, only prey to friends)

A Jigglypuff with her hair combed out, and a flower at her ear. Has yellow eyes and often acts like a siren, leading people towards her with her singing, then putting them to sleep and swallowing them whole. (Pred only)

A purple Koopa who was eaten by a certain female yoshi... Now a ghost, and a vengeful spirit, at that. (Pred/Prey, mostly Pred)

A Krookodile who's just a little *too* insane.... (Pred/Prey, mostly Pred. Has VB moves.)

A Japanese Gulpin with a..... healthy appetite. (Pred only)

A kuriboh (From the Yugioh card game) with a speech bracelet. His absolute cuteness is just one way he can get prey.... Originally in Grat Tuerin's card collection, he was summoned from the card by an OrdinaryGirl named Julie. (Pred only)

a lakitu with a ponytail as his only hair, and a cloud that can digest people and turn them into spinies. His own spinies have purple shells; transformed spinies will usually keep their most dominant color.(Pred only.)

A large Wiggler from Mario Bros. Because they could TOTALLY eat someone with how big they get. (pred only)

A shiny Riolu with a somewhat bold personality and an appetite as big as his strength, which is considerable, even with his small size. (Pred only for now)

The three animal buddies from the Zelda Oracle games; Ricky, Dimitri, and Moosh. Moosh doesn't get used much... (Pred/Prey)

A giant crocodile who's the nicest guy you'll ever meet, but piss him off and watch out! (Originally in "Nibor's_one_shots." Pred only)

Mario and Luigi, having eaten special Boo Mushrooms which trapped them in Boo forms. Mostly a joke character. (Pred/prey)

Mikiy, (pronounced like "Mickey") a Mimikyu who's probably deluded, and can actually "Mimic you", just like the species name.

A larger-than-normal Moogle who is an adept spellcaster. (Pred/prey. Only prey to friends.)

A slurpuff who's just as greedy as his kin. His favorite food is dragons, but he'll eat anything/anyone.(Pred only, much too sweet to be palatible.) Recently met an Alcremie, and now they're boyfriend/girlfriend. (Pred only for her, too)

A cute Meowth, and he knows it; using this fact to capture prey. Has an Alolan Meowth cousin.(Pred only)

An anthro Black Labrador. (pred/ prey)

A pumpkinmon originally in the Obscuremon alt that I grew attached to, so I gave him his own profile. (Mostly pred. Prey only to friends)

Yes, another pokemon character! This one's a Politoed. (Pred/Prey)

A pizza-loving frog who has a little trouble balancing when he sits. (Pred only)

A treecko with a slightly fatter tail than average. Made especially for tail vore. (Pred only)

A Jack-O'-Lantern Charmander. Cute and creepy. (Originally a Halloween character) (Pred only)

(this character is to be permavore prey, with the profile being retooled after the current Rand is digested. The current Rand is "brown" Rand:) An Elven mage who came to the park to research the creatures there (Pred/ Prey, Prey preferred.)

A herm Kangaroo, Randy looks like a male kangaroo with a pouch. (pred/prey)

A pet pakkun lizard who could be a handful, or you could be a mouthful if you don't treat him right... (Pred only)

An amorphous slime; can change color at will. My very first character.(pred/prey)

* Ront_SB
Ront's slimeboy form.(pred/prey. Has VB moves)

A voracious Venusaur with a few rather strange vore types....(Pred only)

The prince of the Sablé Kingdom, a fan character from the obscure Japanese gameboy game: The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls.
Is in Nexus in his dreams, and as such is governed by dream logic. (Pred(only in animal forms)/prey)

(The first character of 2017!) The eyeball monster us Monster Rancher fans all know and love. This one is particularly voracious, but not uncouth. (Pred only)

A sableye who eats more than just rocks, berries, and gems.... (pred only)

A voracious Serperior. Not a nice guy. (Pred/Prey, mostly pred)

An anthro frog pirate captain. (Pred/Prey, Mostly pred)

A Snorlax who lives up to his name; he's (almost) always sleeping. (Pred only)

A Jack Frost from the Shin Megami Tensei Universe. May become a Black Frost on occasion. (Neither form is exclusive to the Rps I'll do at the time.) (Pred/prey)

An antisocial skateboarding Snubbull (Pred only)

A cute Pikachu! One of my first characters. As previously said, he's crushing on Cracky, who doesn't like him that way, and is too busy doing so to notice Gina's crush on him. (The "S" in my "C-S-G" love trangle)(Pred/Prey. Mostly prey)

* Sparks_Paintchu
A new type of pikachu, a pikachu made of paint! He can engulf/absorb someone like a blob/slime (pred/prey. Mostly pred)

A panther-sized chameleon with uncanny speed when painting. (Pred/prey. Mostly pred)

A "MiP bat"- a feral batty with the ability to swallow someone larger than herself! (Pred only)

From pokemon. Hug the thing, and you'll end up in its belly, where you'll be digested rather quick, then brought back with no memory past the hug. Mostly a joke character.(pred/prey)

A gengar with the ability to create an ethereal flame called a "black fire" that gives him special abilities, and a living shadow. (pred/prey)

A scraggy sent to Nexus by a PC box malfunction, the pokemon is now riddled with glitches. (Pred only)

A Rex from Super Mario World. He's squishy 'cause he's so fat :) (Pred/prey, only prey to player's friends)

A team of four dragon pokemon; A slow Salamence, a spunky Dragonite, a smart Flygon, and a mysterious shiny Charizard(?) (Pred/prey)

A space-bending, chaotic (Or khaotik, as he spells it) jester-looking creature with strange powers. Limited to April Fool's Day. (Pred only)

A cave filled with treasure chests. Whether the chests actually have treasure or hide a much nastier secret is unknown until they are opened, however.... (Location)

Vult_Tackel A pachirisu and best friend to Sparks. Will often be played alongside the 'chu himself. (Prey only)

(Not being anti-african-american, He is literally white... as in, the color.) A squishy humanoid robot with no face and a tail. Cuter than he sounds; check him out! (pred only)

A friendly white anthro wolf. (Pred/Prey)

* Wolfie_D
Wolfgang as a 12-year old. (pred/ prey)

A territorial large seedot. Has a habit of attaching his stem to someone, and sucking them inside, especially after beating them senseless.(Pred only)

Some are WIP, and as such, are subject to change.